Why Dream of A Knife?
The people who are twisted love dangerous things, extraordinary encounters, and extreme measures. Sharp materials such as a knife, is like a toy for few individuals who are psychotic. A dream of sharp materials could be a sign of illness, and there is a tendency of self-infliction. The insatiable feeling to cause hurt is rooted in the dream, although it is just a dream. There is hatred that lies deep within the person's heart that projects a knife as a weapon to relinquish hate which causes pain. When there are traumatic instances in reality that slit a scar on someone's life, the pain becomes unforgettable, and it is felt every day. The knife could be the answer to those pain as you are clouded by unhealthy thoughts.

A knife could end a person's

A knife could end a person's life when it is stabbed in vital parts of the body, provided that hatred is fully complete to do so. There are dark thoughts that manipulate the mind when thinking about a knife, about what can the object do. The terror a knife can show to innocent eyes might gratify that hunger of hatred, as one wield would cost a life, and two wield would cost a soul. As blood stained the sharp object, it became a tool that centered mortification in the dream. An instrument that could rhythm life to death in a painful way.

The stigma that lies in murders

The stigma that lies in murders and killings is usually accompanied by dangerous objects, even suicide cases. There must be an event of life that witnessed a crime scene that involved murder using a knife or someone who committed suicide by slitting the throat or wrist. This led to a series of events that brought you nightmare every night of its reminiscence, and the fear that it symbolizes haunts every moment of encounter. A phobia was born out of those traumatic experiences. If children dream about a knife, there is nothing mysterious about it, but if adults are dreaming about a knife, then it is terrifying because they are aware of the morbid way it can do. When the mind is tainted with negative thoughts, the interpretations become negative too. The innocent minds have nothing to worry about, for them, there is no deeper thought about an object, whereas a thing is just a thing.

Why Dream of A Knife?

The interpretation depends on what kind of knife was viewed in the nightmare; if it's a kitchen knife, then probably the interpretations are all about foods and stuff relating to kitchen work. But if the utensil has a sign carving in it, unlike other ordinary knives, then it must have some sacred meaning. What could it be? An instrument for rituals that involve human sacrifices? There is a sacrilegious meaning behind the object that urges you to call for experts.

When you dream of something that is out of the spectrum of concern, perhaps it's just a temporary dream with no meaning. Someone almost lost a hand because of an accident that occurred somewhere, or a mysterious movie where there is a killing and knives are the weapons used to murder. Knives were created to cut through any object, so this equipment is expected to be harmful when used for violence, and it can pierce too if it's pointed. The fact that it was dreamt, a sign to be vigilant in any instances that there is a knife on sight.

It is best to be always alert until you will know the reason why you have to be alert because if dreams are true signs of future events, then it's important to assess every situation where knives are present. Dreams can be revelations of the future, but they can be memories of the past too. If the person is dreaming about such a thing, perhaps there is the sentimental value that is dear to the heart. A gift from a special person, or remembrance from a dramatic relationship.

The chance of dreaming unicorns is higher than knives for normal people since it is such a serious thing to dream about, unless if it was not a dream but imagination. When you are constantly thinking about a thing, the possibility of imagining the harmful material is also inevitable. Better to imagine a roasted chicken instead of a knife.

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