When You See Jesus in Your Dreams
Scientists claim a dream is a scenario that your brain due to either past events, events occurring presently or a scenario that the dreamer had thought about for extended periods. When a human thinks about anything for a long time, there is a high chance of their brains replaying the scene as they sleep. In some occasions of sleep, dreamers dream about things they had never seen before. These unseen dreams are still left to be given a proper scientific meaning, so it is blamed on the randomness of life. Dreams can equally be triggered by experiences, especially those trigger emotional responses. If there is something you are happy about, you can possibly dream about it when you sleep.

This same thing occurs for sad

This same thing occurs for sad or painful experiences, you see them when you sleep. Another perspective to dreams is the religious perspective as they oppose science. While scientists blame it on human brains, religious movements ascribe it to their gods. A major way to divide the earth into factions is based on religion. You can split earth's occupants into those that have a specific religion and the ones that do not believe in it. Despite the unending battle to prove whether God exists or not has stood strong for decades.

Religion is an act of a

Religion is an act of a group of individuals that come together to worship an entity. While some make idols as well as statues to have access to a visible entity, others do not. Another group consists of those that believe in invisible entities with speculations that they live above. Traditional worshipers as well as Buddhists have physical items for worship. Muslims with Christians believe in a sovereign being that rules from above with messengers distributed on earth. The villain of these religions is an evil entity named Satan, who wreaks havoc and tempt God's followers. Christians believe they got their name from Jesus Christ, the son of God as well as being moved to be like them.

When You See Jesus in Your Dreams

According to Jesus' followers, God sent his son, Jesus to come to this earth and die for sins that humans have caused. He came through a virgin woman named Mary who was blessed by the Holy Spirit. Jesus spent 33 and a half years on earth before he ascended back into heaven. When Jesus came, not all that received this news accepted that idea of a God's son being born like a human. This caused doubts in people's hearts as they locked themselves away from him with all the did. Even with his brief stay on earth, Jesus performed numerous miracles like turning water into wine and raising people from their graves. This son of God fed five thousand listeners with just five loaves of bread and two fish.

Despite all the good things done, he was genuinely hated by another religious faction. Their hate led to Jesus' arrest, punishment as well as dying on a cross in Calvary belonging to thieves. Before this being died, he promised to resurrect himself in exactly three days. After saying this, those that hated him got more aggravated, which pushed his death closer. Like he said, Jesus actually rose from the dead three days later. This resurrection led to the formation of Christians as they are seen as followers who choose to walk in his footsteps. Nevertheless, what keeps Christians going is his promise of returning to take those righteous people with him to heaven.

There are different ways to dream about Jesus, it depends on what he was doing or saying in your dream. Most Christians dream about that rapture that he talked about before his imminent death. If you dreamt that Jesus came and took you to heaven, that means you're on the right path. Jesus was lashed by painful whips before his crucifixion, these whips are certified to heal all that are sick. That means if you dream seeing Jesus' stripes, it could mean healing is coming to your sickness.

You might be planning to travel to a particular destination, if a human dreams and sees Jesus blocking them, they have to halt it. In rare cases, you might see him just being visible, which could simply mean he is there with you. Whenever you dream about Jesus, and he tells you to do or not do something, abide by it. Since Jesus loves you, he would want to prevent you from harm, so he'll use a dream.

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