What the dream means about an armpit?
Seeing armpits in your dream represent thoughts and feelings that are associated with approval and social acceptance. It represents the social connections and the kind of relationship you have with other people. By showing your armpit or seeing another person’s armpits, it means that there is a close relationship between you and that person since armpit is generally a more private area hidden away from public view. This shows that you feel completely comfortable with each other.

The armpit itself is the personality

Armpits may also show feelings about corporate culture or cultural attitudes. It technically is the feelings about what is or what is not accepted by the people you spend a lot of time around. On the negative side, armpit in a dream may show your inappropriate behavior. It discovers the disgusting true intentions, bearing your true self to the public. With the dream of armpits, there is no holding back in terms of your true attitude and personality.

The armpit itself is the personality and characteristic that you choose to display to the public. If the armpit is hairy, it, therefore, symbolizes a masculine side with a more laid-back attitude or appearing to others as though you don’t care about what they think of your behavior or choices. It may also mean that unfortunately despite your efforts, you will not be able to gain. Seeing your hairy armpits promises a reliable partner or, on the contrary, irreconcilable competitors. The dream may sometimes warn you not to go against the people who are boundlessly devoted to you. Seeing someone else’s armpits covered with hair is a sign of trouble and disappointments while seeing your armpits with hair is a symbol of prosperity and great wealth.

Smelling your armpits in your dream

Dreaming about armpit hair growing fast and long shows your connection towards the masculine side. You may feel more aggressive with how you approach different people in society, and if you are a teen, it may indicate that you will be growing fast and hitting growth spurts and puberty. If the dream is about shaving armpit hair, then you are preparing yourself to start a new relationship by meeting new people and for that, you are concentrating on your appearance and being accepted by others. In some cases, you may be subconsciously trying to work on reducing your aggressive behavior towards people who are close to you by toning down your masculine side.

Smelling your armpits in your dream shows that you are making character adjustments to smooth over your situation or relationship. The dream suggests that you are looking for acceptance from the people that are around you by ensuring that you “smell” acceptable to others. It also shows that you worry about how other people perceive you. Having ugly and unruly armpits in your dream reflects a more laid-back attitude such that you will tend not to care about what other people think of you. If your armpit is not sweaty but you are dreaming about a sweaty armpit, it shows that some gossip revolving around you may be hurting your reputation.

What the dream means aboutt an armpit

A woman dreaming about very hairy armpits indicates that she wants to gain independence, and in most cases, goes against the public opinion. It also shows that the lady is too capricious and wayward, lives for personal satisfaction, and forgets about moral norms of behavior. For a man, it is a sign of power, masculinity, and purposefulness. Additionally, a man seeing very hairy armpits shows that he will soon gain forgiveness and mercy from his beloved. Dreaming about having very few hairs in your armpits shows that there is a possibility that you will commit a cowardly act or will be unable to utilize a given change correctly.

Shaving your armpits in your dream symbolizes a strange combination of circumstances that will bring good luck in the end. It also shows that there will be a time when you will manage your life. For a woman, shaving armpits is a sign that she lacks thrust and decisiveness. A girl seeing her partner’s hairy armpits shows that the man cannot be trusted. Dreaming that you have a lot of black curly armpit hair indicates that you underestimate your sexual abilities and are guided by animal instincts while white armpit hair predicts the discovery of a prophetic gift.
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