What It Means to Dream of Harry Potter
A dream about Harry Potter can be a very fascinating and enjoyable one. What does it feel like to dream about one of the most famous books and movies? Unless you experienced the sad or difficult parts of the characters, then you most likely had fun while dreaming about it. Although terrifying dreams always have a person so curious to find what it means, even fun dreams have meanings. Well, what does it mean to dream of Harry Potter?

Having such a dream can mean

Having such a dream can mean different things depending on the details of the dream. If you dream that you were the main character, Harry Potter, you will probably be successful in your life. The dream means that in your waking life you are doing so much to succeed; you feel like Harry Potter in the process. The dream means that your success will make you famous just like Harry Potter. This shows that you are in the right direction in life and doing what everything takes to get to your goals. Isn’t it nice to know that what you are doing is just like what a famous and loved person in a book or movie does?

What It Means to Dream of Harry Potter

To dream about being Harry Potter’s friend can be the coolest thing. Most of Harry Potter’s fanatics would love to be in a world where they would be friends of Harry Potter in real life. Hence, for a great fan of Harry Potter, having such a dream would feel really great, and they might not want the dream to end. The dream can be because of loving Harry Potter so much that as well as thought of being his friend, and it translated to their dreams. It can also mean that the friends that they have in their life are as supportive as Harry Potter’s friend were to him.

Dreams of characters of a book or a movie are usually associated with their characteristics that a dream feels they relate to. This applies to dreaming of Harry Potter too. It shows that the dreamer loves the movie so much and has watched it too many times to feel like their parts of theirs lives are similar to that of the characters. Thinking a lot about the movie can make a person have such dreams. Dreams can also be a motivation to endure struggles just like the characters in the hope of achieving something greater in your life.

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