What Gold Represents in Dreams
Different people have different interpretations of dreams, passed down by their ancestors to them, which can be either positive or negative in every sense. Dreams are given to people when they're related to sleep, coming from a dreamer's emotions, or believed to originate from a higher spiritual authority. To dream of gold signifies the worth of value of some items that are of great essence in a dreamer's life. Having to dream about hold also translates to you being wealthy and being in sole possession of assets, people, or opportunities when you're in a state or a position of power, with great assurance of being secured in that level with the freedom to express yourself freely.

Gold also implies a dreamer will

Gold also implies a dreamer will experience good luck, lots of fame, wealth, have an enviable life filled with joy with his family in a healthy system. It signifies a sense of authority or power over a given group of people or a corporation which should not be abused in any sense. A winning mentality is ascribed to those who dream of gold before a major competition, interview, or trial comes up to give a burst of confidence to dreamers. As gold dreams are filled with many positives, there are negative aspects to them, which are translated to mean corrupt feelings, being spoiled. Having dreams of gold can translate to you being frustrated at people's successes or having jealous emotions towards someone's progress.

What Gold Represents in Dreams

Seeing yourself searching for something for some time in a dream, but you end up finding gold stashed somewhere, implies you'll discover something valuable about yourself. If the reverse is the case, and you see yourself stashing or burying gold somewhere, it means that you are secretly concealing a worthy trait about yourself. You are so insecure, not wanting to expose your emotions to people, so they won't gain access to or know that aspect of your life. An example of gold dreams is when a young boy of 10 years of age dreamt and saw a golden soccer ball passed. When he woke up that day, his dad bought him a soccer ball.

Another testimony of someone having a golden dream is when a lady of 26 dreamt and saw golden wedding bells ringing in the streets. As she awoke, her boyfriend proposed to her that same week, and in a few weeks from then, they wedded. Gold bars represent a surety of assets that can be stashed and redeemed again in the future. If you have dreams about gold bars, it means there are valued possessions that can be or should be kept for future use.

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