What Do Elephants Symbolize
Dreams may have multiple interpretations based on an individuals’ conception and background. In some nations, elephants are regarded as symbols of authority just like the lion is also used in many countries for the same purpose. Usually, dreams are believed to have a supernatural connection between the terrestrial and physical world. In such a situation when you have a dream which has a connection with animals like elephants, lions, with other wild animals it may reveal some issues about your job and associations.

The elephant has certain features which

The elephant has certain features which can be used to lay more credence to the dream you may have elephants are fearless, whenever they appear, they tend to scare other animals. That means a dream about elephants can be an indication of an issue that may require you to mount up courage and face it. This situation can occur within a working environment where an individual may be a victim of false accusations or conspiracy that may threaten your job.

What Do Elephants Symbolize

That means courage is required for you to face the situation. In another scenario, elephants are known to be destructive, their weight and size are enough to cause any physical destruction within a location that is found. This situation may be an indication for you to exercise caution among your peers’ there may be a plan to set you up someone is planning to destroy your life. Elephants are known to eat a lot, an elephant can consume more than 10000 pounds of food in a day without feeling as though it has eaten anything.

This can be an indication for you to watch your weight and to avoid obesity which may affect your health. Those with excessive weight may be victims of health challenges, when you dream about an elephant that could be an indication that your weight has to be checked. Elephants are known to be caring, and they enjoy being together. You can always see them walking around with their young ones. This can be a sign that you have to commit to your relationship or give it more time.

Elephants can go to any length if they must rescue a young calf. Women who possess the features of an elephant always appear to be fierce with anyone trying to mess around with the children. For a pregnant woman, dreaming about an elephant means your child going to possess some strange characteristics. It could be that the child will become fearless, hardworking, caring, and huge.

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