What Differentiates Dreams From Reality
In a dream, there is no limit to what the dreamer can do. The dreamer can jump off a building and land on his feet. An animal can speak in human languages or walk on only its hind legs. That is the most obvious difference between dreams and reality; unnatural occurrences. When you begin to behave differently, or you think your surroundings look unfamiliar, it is likely that you are in a dream. To accurately determine whether it was a dream or an event that happened in real life, a person needs to think about the occurrence. An event that occurred abnormally can be called a dream.

Another pointer to dreams is the

Another pointer to dreams is the absence of pain even when a person is hurt. While in a dream state, it is impossible for you to feel pain because once the pain occurs, you wake up. That is why humans ask to be pinched when they can't believe what is happening to them. The idea is that if they are dreaming, the pain from the pinch will wake them up. Inflicting pain on your body is a sure way to differentiate between dreams and reality, feeling hurt means that it isn't a dream. Feeling like the pain is a memory that was not felt shows the events before that pinch were dreams.

To differentiate dreams from reality, you

To differentiate dreams from reality, you can ask for answers from other individuals who were in the dream. For dreams that featured family members, ask them about the facts. From the answers given it is easy to determine whether those events happened or not. A dream centered on friendship or impersonal relationships can also be certified as a dream by a person who appeared in the dream but has no recollection of what happened in it. This method is foolproof, except in situations where two or more people have the same dream.

What Differentiates Dreams From Reality

Locations change faster in a dream than they would in real life. No human can disappear and reappear in five different places in five minutes. That is only possible when a human being is unconscious and living out a fantasy. Finding yourself in a new location every minute is a sign that a dream is happening. Studying such occurrences can help separate reality from a dream, no matter how authentic it felt. Where there are frequent changes in the environments visualized by dreamers, a person can hardly mistake such occurrences for real experiences.

Seeing a dead human is another way to separate dreams from actual experiences. When a person can see another who has died, it is likely that they are dreaming. Although there are humans who can see spirits, that is a rare gift. Seeing a dead relative or friend looking alive should alert you to the unreal nature of what is happening. As a dreamer, look closely at the characters present in the dream and try remembering previous encounters with them. This distinction will be difficult while in the dream state, it is more effective after waking up. Waking up and recalling that the human you saw died some years back is a certain way to recognize a dream.

An outstanding factor that differentiates dreams from reality is the presence of extraordinary abilities. The dreamer possesses powers that ordinary humans do not have because of the limitations of humanity. Humans cannot fly or walk on walls, those activities defy the laws of gravity. They are unable to breathe for long underwater, and dropping from great heights without breaking a leg is impossible. In dreams all these can be done, every abnormal thing humans cannot do physically can be done in a dream. The brain has the capacity to conjure images and scenes where nothing is impossible.

There is no exclusive way to differentiate between a dream and real life experiences, it works differently according to the dream or dreamer. Maximum concentration is necessary for making the distinctions and to avoid holding memories of events that did not happen. For professional assistance, consult a psychologist in your area and explain what you see. After visiting a psychiatrist, take time to write down what you recall from the dreams. Protect your mental health and find a friend to share your strange fantasies with. Talk to a family member who understands the situation.

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