Understanding Dreams and Visions
Visions and dreams are extensions of what we experience in the universe that we picture in our head, more often than not when we are asleep. Some dreams may be unrealistic, pretty lucid dreams, but most of these dreams tend to carry a certain message. It could either be something good is going on in your life, you could probably be stressed out over work or family issues. Something may be cooking in the background which you are yet to know about. All these have a way of connecting the energies of individuals to the universe, and it would only take a smart person to try figuring out what exactly the universe is trying to communicate.

There could be dreams which don't

There could be dreams which don't necessarily mean anything, but they're part of nature. Wet dreams don't necessarily mean you are going to bed with a certain girl, it is all part of growing up as a teenager. Some would interpret it has you feeling some type of way towards that particular girl, but that is up to you to look into, later decide on your own.

Understanding Dreams and Visions

Dreams could also come in the form of you seeing the future. This is when you are going about your business, feeling like you are reliving that very moment in your life, almost like you had a sneak pick into the future to see what it looks like. These, however, are small snippets and do not account for much. You'll rarely even realize anything until it happens in the present time, after which you'll sit and look back to the moment where you saw something exactly like this happening.

More often than not, dreams and visions may not come to us in an indirect form, telling us whatever lies ahead of us. They are often in symbol or riddle form, where it is up to us to decipher what it means or how it affects us. Religious people often turn to their god to interpret dreams for them. From the Bible, there is evidence of God helping people understand their dreams when nobody else managed. In the story of Daniel, He used Daniel to tell the king his dream of the statue, when none in the entire kingdom managed. God helped Joseph interpret dreams to the king who later released him, later making him governor of Egypt. When faced with such a dilemma, Christians will turn to God for answers, to help them in whatever situation they are in.

These visions are considered to be delicate and vital, which if misinterpreted might be catastrophic, negatively affecting your life. Especially if these dreams were specifically targeted at you, then they'd have an impact on you, depending on how you interpreted them. The dreams could also be directly related to the public, just as certain individuals have had visions of catastrophe before they happen. Such occurrences may be considered superstitions but should be taken with a level of interest because they might just be a warning and save many lives. When faced with such revelations, we should take the time to understand what they mean.

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