The Vision for Marriage
A lifetime commitment that is supposed to be vowed once is not a game to be played. A serious matter that should be agreed upon by two individuals that bind promises until death. The kind of dream that is close to being called fantasy or a big responsibility. The core of marriage is love, but it is not the only factor that is involved in the union like financial stability or maturity. A wedding has lots of decorations hanging around like flowers, candles, and other fancy stuff that requires financial responsibility. When a person dreams of a marriage in such kind of setting, the following questions are asked: Is the person financially secured? Spiritually mature? Or mentally stable? If any of these is not answered, then perhaps it is time to rethink another interpretation.

It is a great event of

It is a great event of a lifetime, and there is no second or third but a final decision of partnership. Legalized by the law and promised by the covenant of God, any objections are omitted aside from the bride or groom. A sacred union that is meant to build each other up as two people walk on the same path of life. A chain that binds two souls in one, there are no scissors that could cut this tie unless one of them will do it. Giving up is not an option nor negligence of responsibility, and there is no running away from it. Both souls are bound with each other until death separates them.

The dream of marriage does not

The dream of marriage does not only offer eternal happiness but also an eternal duty to fulfill despite any circumstances in life. It seems that it is visualized only as a balloon of happiness in it, but there are also pain, grief, and sadness like a luxury that is fifty percent gold, fifty percent silver. There is laughter, mourning along the way when two souls love each other as they live as one, never divided, always united. The roles to play in marriage are vital to keeping a happy life, as couples carry each other's burden as they endure the test of times. There is no babysitting when it comes to commitment, as each soul must hold promises with conviction.

The Vision for Marriage

What the husband has, a wife has, every single thing is shared between the two, and there is no room for selfishness, only generosity. In times of trouble, there should not be any conflict in the relationship, for they are meant to solve every problem together, not create a problem for each other that would cause barriers. A dream that makes you think of the upcoming possibilities when you enter it. Being in love is better than no feelings, as joy is not containable when you are in love, for it gives you unstoppable courage and inexhaustible endurance. Marriage is meant to bear fruit, as offspring will be produced from the affection of entwined souls. The branch you are meant to water as long as there is life.

Married people are stronger than single individuals because they can carry responsibilities that are not theirs as a person. If the dreamer envisioned himself to be married in the future, he must have a long temperament and strong will. It is a privilege, not all people have the chance to find someone special and be loved back. The purity of love will make marriage genuine until the end, and it cannot last if the relationship is toxic. It is meant to be helpful for growth, especially if there are children who require unity of parents. Better to be single than to enter the relationship irresponsibly.

A family is like a fortress where loved ones could feel safe and be just themselves. When the relationship is problematic, broken people will roam around the society with a heavy heart. The next step of marriage is family, and it must be lavished with love to bring good to people. Marriage is the benchmark of a bloodline for the next generation, the official union that will continue what the parents started. It is an absolute honor for a person who commits with all heart and shame to those who are not taking responsibility seriously. The dream interprets a commitment of a lifetime responsibility.

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