The Pageant Is an Invitation from Vanity
The fake smile represented in the jealous eyes of typical people will always be the job of those individuals who join pageants. There is nothing more fake than displaying extravagance beauty for the applause of the crowd. Worse, when pretension is maintained even in privacy, that alone is a cost for stardom. Those are not all pancakes and icing that we see on televisions, watching how perfect their lives are. Contestants are like robots balancing glasses of water on their light bulb heads, and if it falls then, their lights go off, as light bulbs are not resistant to water. Even natural beauty is not enough if you are stupid, or an intelligent mind if a body is like a walrus. A meaning of a dream about pageantry is merely the wishful thinking of short-sighted wisdom in life.

The motto in life conveys insight

The motto in life conveys insight into a beautiful reason that may inspire the public to arrive at a common understanding. The goal of expanding influence is constantly shifting people's attention, like innocent children lured by a lollipop, as adoration repays kindness. The game is simple yet complicated since you can only pause once, and the moment there is a pause, people will leave the table for somebody else. When there is competition, the pressure of making sure that fans' heads are still directed on a star is highly volatile since human eyes can always spot which star shines brighter. A star may shine brightly today, but it could be gone tomorrow. Do they have a purpose? Of course, they have, but the level of importance they have is not how high we think it is.

People's preferences will always change when

People's preferences will always change when there is something better, and if the satisfaction is gratified, the value of a person will be less. For this reason, achievements must surpass expectations three times more, like climbing a ladder, always stepping upward. This is what makes them admirable, for those who chase stardom, not by the power of beauty alone, but by hard work and unwavering determination. The word is "admirable" for the constant dedication of something worthless in times of crisis and world doom. Since people appreciate something which they do not have, the exaggeration of replicated envy is perfected by someone because it is their job. A duty to perfect imperfection is the expertise of people whose pursuit is stardom, and that is why vanity is the leader, the queen of their popularity. The best impostors can convey a deception without being distinguished, and they can gather, if not a thousand, a million supporters.

The Pageant Is an Invitation from Vanity

Where there is a selfish desire, greedy dominance exists also. That is the utmost attainment of those who plan to join a pageant, an influence based on altered truth but praised by humanity. No matter how models try to straighten their purpose to the truth, it will eventually bend because vanity and humility are not one. Vanity becomes an idol that the majority worshiped, and artists are just the pawns with mirrors that reflect stardom. The ultimate meaning of a dream about a pageant means that you become a pawn of vanity. Your identity is always recognized by the beauty and admired by many—however, a servant of vanity for a lifetime.

The freedom that ordinary individuals have is better than those who think they are extraordinary because there is no reputation too high to keep. There is a walk of freedom every single day, across the street or in the alley of the judgmental crowd. No worry is indebted to a humble person with integrity, unlike the famous public figure who wants to appear perfect for the crown's sake. We cannot be all heads and hands, so someone has to represent the cause. They are called leaders. Genuine leaders do not wear crowns for civilians to follow them, and righteous authority was granted to lead. Reverence was more given to artists, and the crowd has lost the wisdom of what is noble. Ignorance has blinded the eyes of humanity to dwell in skepticism and be misled by beauty.

Who can snap humanity from the deep slumber of ignorance? For how long will love of ignorance go on until the brink of ruination? Humanity is lost for loving what is unlovable.

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