The meaning of dreaming about abortion
A dream is both scientific and spiritual process that occurs in human brain. In most cases, many people have been defeated to get the real meaning of the dreams they always experience. However, it is important to know the meaning of your dream. This is because dreams always have significant meanings in the life of an individual. God may use dreams to convey an important meaning to human beings for example.

To dream about an abortion may have several interpretations that are both spiritual and scientific. The correct meaning needs an individual to fully understand the meaning of the term abortion. In scientific field, abortion or premature birth is the situation where pregnant animal or human being gives birth before the end of gestation period. This may happen due to effect caused by some diseases more so those that are bacterial in nature.

Firstly, hindering or blocking your growth

Dreaming about abortion may imply various meanings to different people in the society. The real meanings however may be explained and understood. Hindering and blocking your growth is one of the meanings of seeing abortion in a dream. You may be hesitant in pursuing a new direction in your life due to fear, pressure, personal conflict or moral obligation. The dream may also be a reflection of your real-life abortion and hence serves as a pointer to allow you do some corrections in your life.

Firstly, hindering or blocking your growth is true for example in considering a pregnant woman. When someone is expectant, it is expected that a time will come for delivering. Giving birth before the right time which is nine months for a human being means the growth of the infant is stopped from coming to an end. The development of the child is therefore blocked and brought to stop hence the expected result will not be obtained.

In addition, dreaming about abortion in

Secondly, hesitating in pursuing some objectives in your life may be caused by several reasons. To begin with, fear of the unknowns in life and in the environment where you live. Solution for this is to believe in the positive and ignore the negatives things about life. This will help to have focus in life hence achieving the goals in life. It is always significant to be as positive as possible in life so that you may fight fear effectively.

In addition, dreaming about abortion in your life may be caused by other factors like pressure, lack of some moral obligations in life or even real-life abortion. The excess pressure in life is a negative thing that must be fought out of life so that someone can live without stress. Similarly, lack of moral obligations in life of a human being will lead to such dreams. It is therefore fundamental to be focused in life and meet all your obligations.

The meaning of dreaming about abortion

Again, an expectant woman, dreaming about abortion may mean that the child is going to be aborted before the time to give birth comes. This means the mother of the unborn has received some important message that gives direction for something to be done. When this is not ignored and something is done in response, the problem may be solved before it happen. However, the meaning must be understood first because the understanding will help greatly.

Finally, it is worth noting that the environment in which we live have many fears caused by unknowns in life. The uncertainties in most cases will make you have fear leading to panic and overthinking about the future. When these thoughts come to the mind of an individual so much repeatedly, it may result to dreaming. It is therefore an obligation of somebody to manage everything in life such that it may not lead to excess fear. Dreams may also take place due to biological processes occurring in the body.

From the above illustrations, it can be confirmed that dreams are so important in life. This is because, they can predict what is going to happen in time. When this occurs, action is taken to rescue the situation and prevent the danger from occurring. In the spiritual aspect, God uses dreams to convey messages to his people so that they may act in some direction. Christians are therefore expected to be much keen about the dreams and their interpretations so that they may not be in the dangers of life.
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