The meaning of a legume dream
Legumes are protein plants grown in all parts of the world, they are a nutritious food eaten in almost every home. They are a sign of continuity because they represent growth and life from a seed to a mature plant that can be consumed in various forms building the body. These plants represent potential and dreaming about them is an illustration of under utilized power, a person figures out the areas they should direct their energies towards. The dream may mean that a person has all it takes to do exploits.

They should believe in themselves, have a positive outlook, give the best at everything to avoid giving up. Planting legumes in a dream means the need to give another shot to a project that previously you had failed in. It means having more faith in your abilities, you should also be ready to go to the next stage of a project that you were visualizing. Dreaming about eating legumes is an indication of waiting for a breakthrough because of the challenges, you are actually giving up. It is a point from which you can assess your life from a different angle. Re-strategise, try to solve the problems experienced, brainstorm with others in the same field, undertake intensive research to get necessary training skills.

Take your experiences as lessons, do

Seeing a close relative or a friend preparing legumes signifies the strong bond with them. It is a symbol on how to improve it further and avoid issues. If you have unresolved issues with the friend or relative which could affect your relationship solve them. The dream may signify that you need to re-focus your efforts in undertaking constructive duties to solve your problems and be open to constructive feedback from those around you. Having a dream about legumes may be a sign of telling a person that you need to let go of past failures and mistakes.

Take your experiences as lessons, do not be too hard on yourself, this ensures that you are content with yourself as nature. Seeing half cooked legumes means you need to listen more, pay attention to your surroundings. It may signify that you need to interact with successful professionals in your field to understand their secrets. This will ensure you make informed decisions leading to increased sales and satisfaction. A dream with legumes can show that you will experience a season of growth in terms of salary, increased sales, promotions in work and many more.

A person who sees packaged legumes

It may serve as an encouragement in that you are doing the right thing and should continue. For women with men hoping to settle down, it signifies high fertility and that these people are ready to proceed with these agenda. Planting legumes in a dream means that you are planting seeds of faith, hence should not give up. What you are starting will take time to mature for you to see results, but you assured of a positive ending. Harvesting legumes in a dream indicates that the coming events will bring joy to you, your friends and family.

A person who sees packaged legumes in his dream shows an increase in their income to development. The dreamer will enter a period of abundance and their lives would rise above their standards. Aging legumes in a dream indicates that the troubles or difficulties in a person's life may decrease. It is interpreted that the dreaming people will go through a hard time for a while which then decrease as the time goes by. This would be most probably a financial constraint, being patient would be of great help at the moment.

The meaning of a legume dream

Dried legumes in your dream indicate strength and power, this can be in spirituality with economical surges. It is a period of luck and fortune which affects positively all those around you. Women who see a legume worm indicates they will see bad days for they will be in emotional separation. This is that there are bad hearted and melevolent friends in their lives. The dreamer is likely to leave a long-term affair and bad days are forthcoming. Men seeing legume worms shows that their goals are high, however there are allies around them who want to kill the goals. Presence of such want the dreamer to regress financially causes them a hard time.

Infected legumes indicates the harms that will be seen in the life of the person dreaming. There would be the existence of people who cannot always attract the dreamer or people close to him. The dreamer will be betrayed by those close to them, some of whom are pretenders and not real friends. Insects in legumes is an indication of always chasing happiness through hardwork, but you would be brought down by factors which you notice too late.

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