The Earthquake Dream
The aftershock of dreaming about an earthquake will leave you astounded for a few more minutes after you wake up. It is a terrible dream that echoes nightmare for as long as we can recall, the fear it instills in the mind of innocent people will not be easy to appease. The dream may forewarn us to run, or gear up for the upcoming catastrophe, for hundreds of people will perish. A glimpse of a future that swallows reality into ruination, and you must be the bearer of prophecy to warn others. A person who dreamt of such a surreal event is accountable for the death of people that are affected by that dream. Since in the dream, there is destruction, then it is urgent to call the attention of the public to evacuate to the safest place.

Only the chosen can inform where

Only the chosen can inform where it will happen, by recalling every detail of that earthquake dream. There are flashbacks that might save particular people if you have a good photographic memory, by telling them what exactly happened, this could guide them on what to do. You'll become their savior, chosen to forewarn an inevitable tragedy that may destroy mankind. There must be another reason why a dream had occurred in someone's mind, perhaps the fate of that person is portrayed in that dream. A destiny that will face a bumpy ride of challenges in life, trials that would make somebody bend on knees, and cry in pain. The interpretation could be meant for a single man only, who will face great tragedy for survival, like a beggar hungry for food or a criminal pleading for mercy.

The nightmare that left a trail

The nightmare that left a trail of death must have an intuitive connection from a memory of the past. The forgotten past marked traumatic encounters, causing negative vibrations that led to a terrifying earthquake dream. A quick recall of what happened, now reminding how horrifying it would be, as people cripple in sadness, and mourn in a bloody sight of death.

The Earthquake Dream

If a person believes in a religious belief, especially Christianity, it could be an insight of the second coming of Jesus, where signs and wonders will take place. The final event that believers anticipate as they ascend in rapture, and the ones who are left behind will experience the great tribulation. The catastrophic series of events include magnanimous earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes. These events are unstoppable until the appointed time of judgment day, and every tongue will confess the only true God. Since these events are written in the Bible, the interpretation of that dream is believable.

It may also remind matters in life that are currently in friction, conflicts that are colliding with each other and have not been resolved yet. Since there is an ongoing conflict, the subconscious mind has registered distress that has no remedy yet, for this reason, it brought up the matter in a dream. When a man keeps on worrying over something, it usually heated up stress, and extreme thoughts are invoked in the mind. It is a sign of pressure, bouncing up and down in your head, sooner or later, the issue will stomp like a violent earthquake.

Earth tremors are loud as it shakes the earth's skin into fear, there is a resemblance of a provocative person, perhaps a toxic individual in your life exists, and he is tormenting you. An individual who is shaking your peace, or invading privacy like how earthquakes shake houses and excavating humans out of it. They provoke every single moment with you, which makes your bed vibrate while sleeping by just thinking of it or somebody who is trying to ruin your life unwarily.

There are lots of interpretations that can be made, but none of these is 100% accurate, however, they hold one thing in common, which is related to destruction. An earthquake is an earthly activity that only imposes demolition to human civilization, there is nothing positive about it. The person who dreams about it, is a harbinger of life and death, someone who brings bad news that could eradicate an entire civilization or good news that could save civilians from unavoidable ruin. Still a bad outcome from all angles, nevertheless, it is still just a dream.

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