The Dream of Seafood
The azure image of the ocean in our mind twirls the surrounding blissfully by just imagining it, more if we dream of it. It is relaxing, and the tranquility reminds us what it is like to be a child again. When we dream about any kind of seafood, we see a picture of a beach then, we salivate as we imagine chewing those succulent boneless fish fillet, reddish shrimps, and slippery octopus. The Hunger of a taste of a single bite in any creature has called the attention of your subconscious mind to look for it, eat it. It is so good to keep dreaming about plates of seafood you no longer want to wake up from that dream. The best food is served on the table, and not a single bone is missing. There is an abundance of blessings waiting to drown your reality from the deep blue sea, reserved for the right time to be cherished.

A vision of undisturbed peace, just

A vision of undisturbed peace, just a plain sight of waves crashing majestically as tiny particles form like horses running towards you. When the dream is all about seafood, there is a desire to be near the ocean. Such desire seeks more about the open sea, where all sorts of aquatic species can be found. It relates to the purpose of existence, perhaps a duty to protect and eat them as well. The dream inspires you to be one with nature, to dwell, or partake in what they can offer. Where the heart is closest, there is happiness that would last forever.

Perhaps it has been a long

Perhaps it has been a long time when you ate freshly caught seafood, and your tongue misses chewing those soft creatures. A craving that makes you drool every second just by thinking of it, by to the extent of slapping somebody's face with money just to have them. The nightmare of scarcity made you worry of sudden extinction due to the irresponsible activities of mankind, and a siren from mermaids is whispering into your dream, announcing an admonition of nature's vengeance if people continue to abuse their environment. A calling of advocacy you are meant to fight for in this lifetime, to defend endangered species of water.

The Dream of Seafood

Seafood must be the favorite food you want to eat before falling asleep, but it was not gratified. The only thing you want at the end of the day, yet you were deprived of having it. Such a sad life not to acquire something when we want it immediately, it reminds us that we are not kings, just ordinary people. There must be an event in the past, where seafood was the primary subject, and something peculiar happened.

It could be food that your special someone is longing for, and you have forgotten to give the person because you were busy. The kind of dream that reminds you of an important responsibility to fulfill, since being lost in focus is one of the human flaws, your inner self is coping up from the lack. What can we expect in having a seafood dream? The fact that we chopped aquatic animals for consumption, are they going to retaliate and bring horror into human life? There are no deep-sea superstitions that will reach the ears of land life. Even if there are any, it won't be as scary as a vampire tale, or werewolves, since the aquatic monsters live in the sea.

The interpretations merely reserve a list of mostly good things, seafood is delicious, they can be eaten anywhere. Perhaps it signifies a restaurant that cooks seafood, and if you are into business, the dream is suggesting to come up with objectives to achieve your ideal seafood business. There are no right or wrong interpretations because things could happen easily when you pursue them. Dreams are visions of the future that we anticipate happening.

There must be occasions like birthday parties or major events where the main dish was seafood; it left a remarkable memory in your life, and you are longing for it to happen again. The camaraderie on those occasions created fruitful moments with new people while enjoying delicious seafood on a banquet. It was an occurrence that connected genuine relationships that help you become the kind of person you are today.

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