The Dream of Being an Artist
Dreams are suppressed yearnings that we are not meant to experience at the present, but a pending reminder of what will possibly happen in the future. The ulterior fortune behind the eyes that can only be envisioned, but not seen. When a person dreams of an actor or actress, it has a connection to his desires for stardom, regardless of what he envisaged in the dream. The desire to be an actor attracts vanity that yearns to be recognized by the typical people. As men love to be famous, they lack the dream to become one, while women love vanity whether it makes them famous or not. If there is an absence of curiosity that rule out awareness into being, the person is not aware of the current desires and ambitions he has in life yet. When there is sensation of a seriousness that makes us stop and wonder what we are doing, questions about the truth of ourselves begin to sprout.

A vision is rarely experienced by

A vision is rarely experienced by ordinary people, and it can easily be forgotten the moment they wake up. It leaves curiosity of what just happened, the moment we begin to search for explanations about these dreams, we find ourselves desperately looking for possible interpretations that would suffice us. Being an actor does not depict vanity only because some actors strive for advocacy that promotes the greater good. When vanity dominates your daily life, vain dreams are ensnared, ready to be projected in your slumber. If you dream to become an actor, you are likely to love being praised by surrounding people, and your longing to be more becomes the source of your conceited desires.

The life of an artist is

The life of an artist is to become a constant impostor of a made-up character, and it is difficult to distinguish the realness of the person because it is their profession to have false appearance. They are determined to be viewed as someone competent in almost all areas in life to portray perfection. Artists are constantly conscious of the way they act or speak in public, since the people always look up to them as good models. These well-known performers are constantly scrutinized even in their private boundaries. This is the price of being an artist, since we usually think that their lives are perfect, but the absolute freedom is actually deprived. If you have a dream about artists, it is time to check how you view yourself as a person, whether vanity or selfish endeavors are driving you to become one.

The Dream of Being an Artist

It could be for another reason, like having a crush on a particular celebrity who made you obsessed and somewhat affected your focus even in sleep. Perhaps the celebrities we admire are too attractive, their beauty is stunning, and we giggle in excitement whenever they appear in television. We get consumed by the imagination of having them in our lives, we get interested in the things that they do, we get influenced by their outlooks in life, and we fell in love with their existence. When a person begins to imitate his idol, he could go around every detail that the celebrity has.

For some frightening tendencies, dreams can also be nightmares that would haunt you for the rest of the night. The thought that it could be real, is terrifying, especially if you just watched a horror movie before you sleep. We begin to check the surrounding for possible creepy anomalies, as the mind is trying to anticipate what will happen. Perhaps the face of a particular artist in the movie, was registered in your mind as the culprit of your fear.

The basis of interpretation must relate to actual events in life, that could be determining factors why they appeared in dreams. It is the logical way to understand why it happened, to avoid further misleading point of views from other people. Since few individuals love to escalate wrong speculations, being rational will keep you sane, whether these dreams have positive or negative impact in your life. Sometimes, when the dream is too good, we think of ourselves like prophets who are certain that things will take place in the future. We formulate steps how to make it happen as we see potential signs of its validity.

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