The Calculator Dream
A dream of a cute machine that is usually used for engineers is a sign of intelligence. There is no other better interpretation about a dream of a calculator. A sign of intellect that would shape a better future for humanity. If a student dreams about a calculator, perhaps there is an upcoming examination of mathematics that requires all students to bring one. The one requirement that is imperative to pass the test without it, there is less chance to be able to answer an equation. It may also signify that you have the mind of a calculator, a high IQ that has the same speed as the technology. The beauty of the dream is that it serves as a reminder and a basis for wishful thinking. Who doesn't want to have a vision of a calculator since the possibility it holds has many positive outcomes like becoming a mathematician?

There is an interpretation that can

There is an interpretation that can be derived from the life of a person if a calculator was an object of a dream, perhaps it could be an alternative profession in the future. A job where a calculator saves incompetence from doing difficult work. A tool that will save an entire day of trouble from loaded accounting paperwork or a secret tool to deceive someone for intellect. Can a person use the calculator for bad purposes? If it's indestructible, the machine can be used as a weapon, but it is just a tool to solve equations. A sword of knowledge that will destroy wrong answers to math problems.

If a calculator was the center

If a calculator was the center of a dream besides other objects in the room, the vision is trying to point out the only thing that matters. When there is a machine that could solve all problems in business life, that is the calculator. A tool that must be taken care of for long-lasting use because the student will get stuck in tertiary level without it. Since a calculator can type great numbers, it signifies richness and wealth. If a calculator is like a genie bottle that could grant wishes, except it only grants numbers. A dream can be true in real life if both reality and imagination align; infinite numbers of possibilities would happen. Calculators will always provide accurate answers to whatever mathematical equation you will give, this signifies a consistent personality that will always find a solution to every problem in life.

The Calculator Dream

When the equipment becomes a real person, it is genius, only the inventor would surpass its intellect. True knowledge always comes from the maker unless it was created by few individuals with combined knowledge. The one unchangeable fact of simple technology is the functionality depends on usage. Its passiveness meant to follow orders, and no matter how smart is the technology, it's still subject to command. The interpretation of the dream for people, even if a person is a genius, still that knowledge is pointless without free will. You can be the most clever person in the room, but without the authority to stand on your own, then it's better to be stupid.

A dream that will calculate the heights of a person's desire, whether an intellect is the numerator of all desires since there is more happiness in being stupid than being wise. Who would exchange knowledge for ignorance? If you can choose to be with the majority who are foolish or to be alone with wisdom. There are no other interpretations besides intelligence, there is no spiritual connection of technology to the spiritual realm. In fact, they are both opposite since technology could only be expounded in the material world while spirituality is in a different realm of consciousness.

The practical usage of such a tiny tool can lead a student to success, especially if it's used correctly for good purposes. Just as a calculator clarifies an error, the dreamer yearns to remove all wrongs in life. The clarity of every small error that entrenches progression with procrastination must take place. The dream wants to emphasize control over the things that hold responsibility or role of existence. A dream of self-introspection that sets boundaries of external obstacles as a human who loves continuous self-development; it is vital to make the right decisions.

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