Split Peas Dream Interpretation
Dreams are usually confusing and once you experience them, you would want to know what your dream mean. People dream over vast subjects from dreaming being a millionaire to going back to a small kid. Different religious groups, societies and localities have divergent interpretations of dreams. How about when you dream eating or even possessing split peas? What could be the meaning of split peas in dreams, and what is the effect on your life? Well, read below to find out what to expect after you dream with this vegetable.

To dream of split peas, foretells

To dream of split peas, foretells that you will be perplexed in matters of love; if they are round, your difficulties will be settled. For a woman to of dream eating this vegetable, denotes that she will make a good marriage. However, some myths claim that if she is engaged and dreams with peas on her plate at the table set for her lover, an omen that he will not come to perform his promises. If the girl dreams eating the split peas, that is a sign that soon she will be cooking for her husband. Another myth says that if the young woman dreams serving split peas, her in-laws are likely to like her if she is about to get married. If she was preparing the peas, that meant that her family should start to prepare to give her away into marriage.

For young men who are not

For young men who are not married, dreaming with split peas might not be good news for you. Some societies believe that if a young man dreams with these peas before getting married, the future wife will be arrogant and disrespectful to him. Regular dreams of eating split peas signifies that the young man’s wife will quarrel with him regularly. Young men who experienced several such dreams used to visit diviners to help get rid of the dreams. If the man is preparing split peas in the dream means that he should start to prepare for the difficulties he will face in his marriage.

Split Peas Dream Interpretation

Split peas do not only apply to love matters but also business matters. Once you experience a split pea dream, and you are having problems with your business, this means that your woes are about to end. If the dream is recurrent, your business is likely to prosper, and do better that before. When you dream with a large quantity of split peas that means that your wealth will accumulate just like the peas in your dream. In the early 1800, youthful men used to lie to their suitor that they had a dream with lots of split peas to convince the lay to accept them. The ladies would accept the man thinking that the man would be great in life.

In some beliefs, pregnant women who dream with fresh peas signifies that they will deliver healthy babies. If the split peas are dried, they often regard that she will have difficulties in delivering the baby. To them, rotten peas are the worst to dream with for this signifies death of the unborn child. A Bush Community in the Kalahari Desert believes that when the pregnant lady dreams with rotten split peas, a stranger will come and take the unborn baby away with the mother. The stranger referred is usually death since the vegetable is rare to them. This is the only community that associates split peas with such grave illness.

Across Europe, dreaming with spilt peas is something you would want to happen to you daily. This is because a dream like this signifies greatness and prosperity in the near future. Split peas are often associated with good news in part of the world. For a job seeker who frequently dream about split peas, that means you will find a job. Students who dream with these peas days before sitting for their exams are said to perform well in their exams. Next time you go to be, remember to try dream with split peas to bring good things on your way.

Generally, dreams associated with split peas signifies good things. Nevertheless, this may vary across different ethnic groups and religions. Any dream should not worry you to a great extent since it may have different meanings. In America, this dream is associated with comfort and wealth, especially to middle-aged people. To the older generations, split peas is a sign of a long life for them. Next time you come across this vegetable, pray that you regularly dream with it.

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