Scary dream
You are about to make some decisions you think will certainly have a great effect on your life. And you perceived this as the ultimate step to have a turnaround, but then comes the feeling of failure, falling and general anxiety. It is natural to feel scared of certain things or situations. But you start experiencing problems when your fears cripple you and affect the quality of your life. All the good motives and aspirations keep dying in dreams because no action is taken. That is when you have to learn how to stop being scared and start living a purposeful life.

The truth you need to know is that you won't experience any change in your life until you overcome that fear, yes you need to stop being scared.

Here are some vivid signs that fear is running your life and you are not actually the one in control. Are you being pushed to start striving in vain to be perfect before some people or trying to be who you are not? The fear of speaking directly on what you want or expressing your mind. Struggling to make decisions, and procrastinate on the ones you've made already. You always appear vulnerable to humiliations and criticism with a total lack of self-esteem. What of the scare of losing a loved one, in a relationship, family or school. Use any of these as a flashlight to indicate fear in life.

To overcome your fear, you need

There is no superhuman among men, and from a critical point of view, no one is perfect because we all have our elements of fear and weakness. Those who appear to be free from anxiety are the weakest in most cases. Many of them are shielded by situations that blindfold them from the realities of life. They have companies, friends, parties, financial stability, influence, and ignorance since they lack the understanding of basic life principles.

When someone appears to be scared in life, it is so because you are facing reality. And overcoming the fear is what rewrites your story and brings out the better version you have been dreaming to be. You cannot get the best out of life without accepting the hard truths of life, no.

To overcome your fear, you need to know the source, that is why are you scared. You may be scared of growing up to face the realities of life. Some past experiences may cause illusions for you to start scaring. Maybe you've tried doing some kinds of stuff and failed and scared of trying again. Are you been intimidated by what some people say about you and what they are still saying? Think of other issues that constitute your source of fear, identify them.

Face the fear next time it

Write down the things you have identified as your source of fear. Writing down does not only make you understand why you are scared, but it also reveals your emotions in those situations. You can read those pointers and realise that most of your fears do not deserve that much attention. Moreover, writing about things you might feel scared of helps bring your fears more into your conscious mind, which puts you in a better position to see what is happening and how to overcome those fears. Sometimes, some manipulators worsen our condition to get what they want. They make stories and comments that contribute to the fear so that they have total control.

Detach yourself from emotions and worries that make you feel sorry for yourself. There are many in the same situation as yours that are looking forward to your steps, cause they know you are leading, despite what you see yourself to be. But nobody is coming to tell you that; please be objective with this.

Face the fear next time it shows up, anywhere anytime (that is why you need to be mindful). Don't avoid it, for what you avoid now is still out there. Stop hiding from your fears, open your mind to have a better understanding of what is going on and how things work. If you've failed in some steps before, try again, re-analyse the process, look for what is left to be done. That is when you are fighting and your progress will be glaring.

You are Scared?!. Right. This is what you need to know.

Change is not our enemy, it is a sign of progress or regress. Embrace change and use it to get the better out of life. Resisting change keeps you in a place of discomfort. Your fear will keep you paralysed in a bad situation.

Lastly, don't play the blame game, every one of us is responsible for our happiness and sadness. Yes, you will only realise this when you have more control over your life.

Always remember this, to live your dreams and embrace life, you have to face your fears and challenges. There is no other way to live your life to its fullest potential. Listening to your fear will only result in a life where you live in discomfort and dissatisfaction with yourself and those around you.

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