Meaning of Dreams about a Metallica
Dreams are a universal language creating often elaborate images out of emotional concepts (Suzanne Bergman). They are messages from the inner self (subconscious mind) to the outer self. While it is impossible to give the exact meaning of a dream, interpretation seeks to give the possible meanings of dreams.

This is based on the symbolism of objects and figures in the dream, dream setting, transitions and outcome, actions of the dreamer within the dream and interactions of the dreamer with the characters in the dream.

To interpret the meaning of these dreams, it’s important to understand the origin and meaning of the word Metallica and its symbolism. In Latin the word ‘Metallica’ Means Metallic. While it has no definite meaning in English, Metallica originates from the word metallic. This is an adjective meaning consisting of metal, the nature of or relating to metal, hardness or resonance.

Again it signifies the ability to

In chemistry, Metallica means the free state of a metal or uncombined state of an element. Metallica is the name of a heavy metal band formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, America. Objects in a dream often signify their character or something related to the name itself.

To see or listen to a Metallica in a dream signifies one’s independent nature and tendency to reflect on one’s ideas or judgment. Just as the word metallic in Chemistry signifies an uncombined state of metals, a Metallica signifies independence of thought. This also shows confidence and freedom to act or decide without need for ideas or help from other people.

Again it signifies the ability to be loud and clear or being able to take care of matters carefully. It shows that one assumes responsibility for their decisions while being considerate of the environment and people around him/her. An independent person is not controlled by others in either opinion or and are not afraid to act in certain ways.

Another of their songs is ‘Master

Another meaning of seeing a Metallica in a dream is that it could be trying to convey a message from any of the Metallica band songs. According to Wikipedia, this band has released ten studio albums, a cover album, five extended plays, thirty-seven singles and thirty-nine Music videos. Some of their songs include ‘Dream no more, Jump in the fire Nothing else matters, Unforgiving, for whom the bell tolls, and Dragon.

Each of their work contains a message, for example, the song ‘Jump in the fire’ relates to situations in life where certain things are inevitable due to being trapped physically or mentally by other people’s opinions or influence.

Another of their songs is ‘Master of Puppets’ whose message is drug abuse and how it destroys lives. Depending on the way a Metallica appears in the dream and the dreamer's actions, the dream’s meaning can be in a message from one or a number of the band’s songs.

Meaning of Dreams about a Metallica

If in the dream you get overwhelmed or defeated by a circumstance, it signifies that something in life could be leading to ruin. This means you need to act or respond in ways such as stop drug use, stop relying on other people’s opinions and so on.

Depending on the circumstances of life, dreams with a Metallica could signify different aspects in association with Metallica the band and their songs or Metal from which the word Metallica originates. Whether it’s towards independence of thought or relation to songs the symbols and activities in the dream if observed closely will give a lead to the significance.

Sometimes if a dream is repetitive or has a recurring theme it signifies that the intended message has not been acknowledged or the right actions have not been taken.

Dreams can bring out a message for the dreamer or other person(s) close or related to them. Whoever the messages are intended for can be identified by keen analysis of all aspects of the dream. Once the significance of a dream is understood then what should follow is appropriate actions taken in response because this is what brings peace to inner peace. For example, a dream that brings out the song/ message in ‘Masters of Puppets’ by Metallica, you can look through life to identify a habit that seems to be controlling or leading you astray. Once identified, then it is important to act in order to transcend it and regain control in life.

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