Interpretation Of A Circuit Board Dream
Sleep walking, trances, visions and dreams are all part of the human experience no matter the age of the person. These are however not in the control of the individual as they are realms in which a person can be whoever or whatever at that point. Most people find their dreams as a solace to whatsoever is going on in the real life and seem so happy in the dream only to wake up to harsh reality of life. The possibilities of a dream go just beyond day-dreams or fantasies where a person can control the events. Dreams are on another level entirely, with no control, the possibilities and achievements are beyond imagination of the human mind. A person can see almost anything in a dream and the truth is, while some dreams may just be due to the business of the day, some others specific interpretations for the dreamer.

Dreams with special and specific interpretations

Dreams with special and specific interpretations do not come all the time and should not be taken lightly as their significance in your life could be massive. An example of such is when a person sees a circuit board in the dream. Circuit is a complete path provided for the flow of electric charges from a source through a load such as a light bulb. Two important circuit components are the key or switch and the circuit breaker. The switch which can also be found in a circuit breaker is the connecting path that either stoops of allows current to flow and in circuit breakers they help protect from high electric surges. Other circuit components are very necessary; the load, wires, current and source.

So, having a clear interpretation about

So, having a clear interpretation about a dream where you see a circuit would require more clarity from the dreamer as there are three possible interpretations, depending on what was seen in the dream. If all you see is a circuit board with its components, then it simply means that things have to come into complete harmony for them to work out. There should be a check on what the person seems to be handling in real life at that particular time; piecing together all the necessary things that have been done and those yet undone. It could be a major project which seems to be dragging and requires a few more big necessary components to get it working. A circuit is not complete without its components, it is required that the person sits down and to know what else needs to be done.

Interpretation Of A Circuit Board Dream

Another way it can be explained is looking at how each part of the circuit works, if one part is removed, the entire circuit fails. It could be that you are that single important piece that holds a many things or even many people together. You can be the reason why friendships or even relationships are still together. Many people have such special traits of linking and creating bonds between people or things which naturally would not co-exist. There is so much input you may be putting into the lives of people which may seem insignificant to you. Such impact should not be taken for granted as it could be the difference between the happiness and gloom of others.

As important as it is, a circuit is only as safe as having a circuit breaker within it. A person can work at full efficiency only when all aspects of life are in good condition. When you flip or even see a circuit break in your dream, the best thing to do in life is to slow down the pace or possibly take a break totally. Efficiency of a person is key to how effective the person will be as being present is not as important as being productive. Seeing such in your dream requires you sit back and try tracing the possible hitches or mistakes that may have occurred. It could be as simple as resting, harmonizing ideas or even taking a trip, but ignorance of this interpretation is risky.

Seeing circuit boards or even a circuit breaker in your dream is helpful to your life and others. You can't imagine the amount of stress it can save you and time it can help cut for your sake. People are well-connected to each other more than they think, it is best to know your place in the lives of people. Dreams are not all useless, this circuit board dream in particular is of great help to you, everyone and everything connected to you.
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