Interpretation of  an Announcer in a Dream
Dreams emanate from the subconscious state of a person. It is as a result of your mental and emotional stability in a particular circumstances. Announcer in a dream can be in two forms, to hear an announcer or being the announcer. If you hear an announcer in your dream, it means that you are being watched and some deliberation relating to you is being discussed. It implies that important news which will lead to major change in your life will occur.

In Islamic interpretation of an announcer represents a man of dignity who manage people businesses including the high and the low, the announcer brings unity between people and his services are most beneficial to everyone. If you see yourself as announcer in your dreams it implies that you are spending time worrying and listening to what others have to say, however, you neglected your wishes and needs and you often end up unhappy in general.

It could also mean that you are tired and not satisfied in your current job or position and you wish to find a more challenging and fulfilling job or position.

Your ability to articulate your thoughts

Many times our dreams are symbolic but sometimes it can also be a massage type of dream, which the spirit is trying to communicate with us. It is not uncommon for spirit to commute massage to you in real physical life. Sometimes it implies that you desire to tell people what is wrong or right and may suggests you are often expected to act as an intermediary for others. You tend to advise people how to live their life and some people enjoy being unaware of the things are around them. Be more careful about this because not everyone loves to listen and be corrected. It's possible you are required to pay more attention or improve on your communication with clients, colleagues or people around you.

You may need to be more focused on your work or projects for a better result or outcome. It could indicate a permanent end to a problem in your life.

Your ability to articulate your thoughts is your strong point and you should be careful of what your mind conceived. Most dream is a result of our expectations in reality. For example, you played a lottery and it is normal that you will or might dream about being announced on television or radio as the lucky winner. Anxiety tends to give us satisfaction of our expectations in reality.

You need to retrace and valuate

As an employee you worked judiciously will definitely be expecting promotion or recommendations, so your attitude towards the expectation will change and you will act in a predetermined manner.

Being announced in dream could also mean that you are living or working below your potentials and more dedication is required from you.

You need to retrace and valuate your contributions towards project or even relationship with people. As a person suffering from depression you can find yourself in such dream calling you to be more open minded and receptive. "In reality" you are properly lonely or seeking for attention and at point of giving up on life. It implies an end to depression, fear, loneliness and uncertainty in your life. Talk to people and share your opinion and doubt with them.

Interpretation of  an Announcer in a Dream

Someone you know becoming an announcer in your dream could means that you should be closer and spend more time with such person. You might not find the person attractive or value such person. Try to make friend with them because something important or a breakthrough that will transform the person is about to happen, so you have to keep such person very close. Make new friends and do not underestimate anyone you come in contact with.

Once you start to take care of yourself and less of others you will feel much better. Be more selective when it comes to listening to people because you realize that not everyone cares about you or wished you the best. The earlier you decide who you listen to you will be able to avoid disappointments. Always be prepared for the best or worst in every circumstances situations.

Remember, your dreams are unique no other individual know your personal background, beliefs, emotion or experiences so your dreams can only be connected to your reality. Draw "your" own personal life experience to interpret your dreams and you need to listen to yourself more don't hesitate to stand up for what you believe and start making decisions on your own. You need to learn to love, value and respect you before anyone can. As you stand to be more engaging and participate actively in any activity and stop observing it is you live leave it without fears.
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