I dreamt of a pigeon - What does this mean
Many cultures around the world consider the pigeon as a symbol of freedom. It therefore goes almost without saying that seeing a pigeon in your dream is a good sign. Remember though that an accurate interpretation of any pigeon dream calls for scrutiny of the events that preceded seeing the pigeon as well as the events that unfolded after seeing the pigeon. In other words, context plays a key role as far as interpreting dreams about a pigeon is concerned. You also have to consider other factors such as what you were doing with the pigeon, the color of the pigeon you saw and whether or not the pigeon was alive. Read on to learn more about what pigeon dreams mean and why such dreams should concern you.

One of the most common pigeon dreams is where you dream of yourself chasing after a pigeon, trying to catch it. This means that for a long time, you have searched for something that has remained elusive. Very soon though, the search will come to an end either after catching the pigeon or after the pigeon finally coming to you on its own. This is often a sign that you long for affection from your partner or loved ones. Chances are, you have tried to express yourself and how you feel about your relationship but your efforts have been unsuccessful. Cheer up immediately after the dream because catching the pigeon shortly after chasing it means you will suddenly receive affection and attention from your partner.

Failure to catch a pigeon after

You may also dream of catching a pigeon after chasing it for a long time. This means that you will soon settle with your partner after a marriage proposal. On the contrary, dreaming of catching a pigeon shortly after chasing symbolizes speedy courtship and marriage. The partner you met not so long ago will soon propose to you.

Failure to catch a pigeon after chasing it for a long time is a symbol of frustration. It is also a symbol of banal incompatibility of personality and character. There is a high likelihood that soon, your partner will break up with you.

Unlike white pigeons, black pigeons do

A white pigeon in any situation is always a good sign. It does not matter what happened before or after you saw the white pigeon. This is a symbol of something good in the offing after you have patiently waited for you. In most cases, the white pigeon symbolizes a magnificent wedding and peace in marriage. Prepare for a blissful marriage with a loving partner who cherishes love and peace.

Unlike white pigeons, black pigeons do not symbolize peace, freedom or any valuable virtue. Seeing one in your dream means you will often have misunderstandings with your partner. On the other hand, seeing both black and white pigeons means that you will have a relationship with mixed feeling. Depending on which pigeon you saw first, you will have a relationship that will be peaceful and okay at first before it suddenly turns chaotic.

I Dreamt Of A Pigeon - What Does This Mean?

Take heart if you dreamt of a cooing pigeon that remained calm and collected for hours. This signifies mutual respect and understanding with a partner. You will settle down soon and live a happy life together because you understand each other. If the pigeon flies away, then your relationship will not last for long and you will break up with your partner. Importantly though, the break up will be mature and peaceful without drama.

A pigeon carrying an envelop on its beak or with tied message on its neck or foot means that you will soon receive good news. The good news will most likely come from a loved one you long to hear from. Expect the good news the same day you dreamt of the pigeon or the following day. A pigeon calmly sitting on your hand or resting on your shoulder means full trust of your partner. This means you trust and love your partner. It also means you expect your partner to unequivocally love and trust you.

Many societies around the world love pigeons mainly because they are beautiful and peaceful. That explains why seeing a pigeon in a dream is in many cases a good sign. Remember that dreaming of a pigeon is how your subconscious communicates to you. With that in mind, think of your pigeon dream as a reminder that you either need to prepare for something good or that you need to rectify something in your life.

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