Gabriel's Dreams About A First Aid Kit
Gabriel has been married to a pretty lady for nine years now and no sign of a child coming. Hospitals are fed up with his presence as he most times sleeps in the hospital area. His boss got him fired at work because he does not work wholeheartedly any longer. He sought for solutions from all friends and family, all to no avail! His neighbours and evil friends have now nicknamed him "castrated goat" because of his family's barrenness. His plight makes him think he is of no use to the community.

Years passed without him having it in mind that it could be more than a medical or physical problem. No one had it in mind to share burdens with him since they thought he was learned enough; so he should be wise. Gabriel never even thought he could be suffering from the "dreams about first aid kit". He never imagined that he could be the one suffering from this kind of problem, at the level of his religiosity. His boss at work who had earlier fired him now pity him greatly. It was like God intentionally decided to punish him for no wrongdoing; which he thought was unkind of God.

He got so fed up with his problem, and then decided to seek for a solution without informing his wife. Gabriel has many luxuries ranging from the latest model of cars, houses in different islands, and also the owner of many firms. He started to make enquiries on how he can take his wife out of the country for more experienced medical attention. Everything on Gabriel's mind was that his predicament has to do with medical issues. He sold his fleet of cars, his firms, and all his houses; including the one he is living in, without notifying his wife. The money he got from selling his properties gave him the opportunity to travel himself and his wife out of the country for medical attention.

Gabriel's Dreams About A First Aid Kit

Gabriel got out of the country, together with his wife; hoping to put an end to his predicament. They went to the first hospital in the strange country, thinking they will get an accurate diagnosis; but the result tested that they were alright. Losing no hope, they went to the best hospital in that country, praying to see more qualified doctors who will check and tell them that they are suffering from a serious illness; but the results also showed that nothing was wrong with them. At this time, they were left with nothing but the money they will use in getting themselves back to their country. The relatives they told they were travelling out for treatment became worried and decided to go in search for a solution to their problem in the same country they left. Gabriel became very disturbed as the sea because he thought he would get a solution outside the country and then go back to his country to arrange broken pieces of glass.

They got back to their country only to be told by their relatives that a man of God wants to host them. Getting to the man of God's place was a man as old as a church bell who performs spiritual healing process for people. Gabriel and his wife had no trust in the man because of his appearance and the way he seemed not to have anything reasonable to say. After many questions, the man of God answered and said "Only a spiritual healing is needed and you will be made whole". They didn't take the man of God serious but took heed to his prayers so that they will not lose at both sides. The man of God told them to take a pregnancy test and it tested positive while Gabriel's boss who fired him asked him to return to work.

Gabriel's dreams about a first aid kit was that his problem was just medical and physical which he got totally wrong. He had put all his eggs in one basket by not seeking for proper advice from any religious leader before he took drastic decisions. Gabriel lacked support from the people who could have helped him get out of his problem. He searched for solutions only from the first aid kit (medically) without looking elsewhere for help. After this short story, it can say be said that Gabriel had dreams about a first aid kit.

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