Explanation of dreams about a harass
In order to read meaning to any form of harassment there are things you should consider. These things are what will determine the possible meaning of that dream; things like who is the person harassing? Who is being harassed? Also, the location in the dream and the context of everything that happened is important too. There are many opinions about being harassed in the dream depending on the angles they are looking from. So, before you look for the meaning, it is necessary that you confirm that you were harassed and it was not pressure.

Harassment is one tricky situation to find you; no one wants to find themselves in a position where they will be harassed. Arguably, harassment always leaves a scare; it could range from minor ones in private to harassment the public. This can be in form of ridicule; it could also come in form of sexual harassment, either way no one wants to find themselves in these positions.

Being harassed in the dream can

Harassment in the dream maybe as a result of the current situation of things; this could be at work, in the family or the area where you live. There could be news of ongoing threats or kidnapping that could scare you and cause you to have nightmares. Having dreams of harassment could mean trying times will be coming your way; you may be facing something difficult soon. Some believe being harassed in the dream means lack of luck.

Being harassed in the dream can mean that you are being compelled to do something; this could be by your situation or by someone around you. So, you need to confirm within yourself if there is someone trying to control you, making you do stuff that you don't really want to do. It could mean that you may be leaving the place where you are currently; when someone is harassed they usually leave. This could be the case here, it may be time for you to step-out of an embarrassing situation; this could be your house, work or a relationship.

This dream can also mean that

Embarrassment in the dream may be related to health; it may mean health risks or sickness. It is not exactly a condition you will want to broadcast; some type of sickness is embarrassing. So, ensure your health is in check and you are careful about cases that could cause embarrassing injuries to yourself. This dream could mean that you will encounter a situation that would scare you or dominate over you. It could mean that someone is dominating your life and you need to take a stand for yourself.

This dream can also mean that you are trying to escape from something but the thing has control over you and is ready to intimidate you to keep you below it. It is also possible that you’re chasing a dream that will eventually turn out badly, and you may be disgraced if you continue with that desire.

Explanation of dreams about a harass

This dream could mean trouble for you, harass is definitely trouble. It could be to serve as a warning for you to prepare yourself against any coming trouble, or for you to at least avoid it. Harass can mean a problem that will affect your comfort and cause you to be restless, something that will make you think or distress you. So, you need to careful with anything that can distress you. It is also possible that the person harassing in the dream is a threat. No matter the methods employed harassing someone is putting that person below you, so the person doing this is definitely a threat.

A dream about harassment may be pointing to an unresolved conflict, you may have a conflict with someone and you may have forgotten about it, but the person is still remembers and may be planning vengeance. It is also possible that it is you that is still holding the grudge or the both of you.

A dream about harassment can have different meaning depending on the nature of the dream, the location of the dream and the actual run of events. These will help to make the meaning clear. On a general note, it could be a sign of conflict, compulsion or control that will not please you. You should also note that tiredness and other stress factors can cause you to have this sort of dream.

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