Even Small Things Can Do Great Harm
The tiniest object could induce excruciating pain to any living creature like a needle. Sometimes, it can be hardly seen because of its thin-lined shape, but if a needle meets another soft object perpendicularly, it can punch a hole. The dream interprets that even the smallest person can be evil when he can do so. If there is an advantage in life, then there is also a disadvantage. Every good action can be reciprocated, for there is nothing too powerful without weakness befalling. Each person has a purpose, no matter how small or big they have become or how much they have achieved in life. Fortunate people must not degrade those who are unfortunate because there is a consequence for every impartial deed.

If you have the strength to

If you have the strength to be dominant, would you use that strength to glorify yourself? True power is concealed, but when there is a lack of power, it displayed excessively to cover weaknesses. Not a single person is exempted for doing anything he wants without a price, especially unjust actions toward other beings. A dream wants to emphasize that even the weakest living creature can be the strongest if given power. There is no reason to be defensive from powerless people, especially if people are living peacefully with you. Just like needles can do beautiful things like tapestry only if you use them well, but needles can also kill a person if it is pointed right to the eyes. Needles can go through tiny holes effortlessly, a function that cannot be executed by bigger objects.

There is a specialty of each

There is a specialty of each person, like talent or hobbies, every single human has this innate gift that is yet to be discovered. The goodwill to use that gift will shape a better world, and using them to inspire others will bring more good. Knowing the purpose of why things existed will lead to a harmonious path with other beings. There is an acceptance that will depict the value of true nature only if it is acknowledged. A needle is just a tiny object, it is supposed to be harmless, and when we try to bend it, we could hurt ourselves for doing so. Since needles are created for a purpose and not to be destroyed, there are more beneficial things they can do than harm.

Even Small Things Can Do Great Harm

A single needle is easy to break, but when there are hundreds of them, it is difficult or perhaps impossible to break in one single try. The same thing with a person's belief, if a human stands with conviction, he can be easily questioned, however, it is different when there are hundreds of them who have the same belief. More likely that the individual who questions will be questioned. Needles are easily seen when they are piling together, difficult to see if a needle is lying alone. The sharpest people can be recognized together, nevertheless, if a member separates, he is hardly noticed.

The dream can be interpreted like ants, easily crushed if it is alone, and difficult if there are thousands of them. The pointed object can penetrate to the bones no matter how tiny it is, how much more if it can grow bigger and longer. There is power in small forces, for low life has the power to inflict damage. We must not underestimate the capability of other people; there should be respect in any aspect of living with them harmoniously. People will only hurt themselves as they will try to hurt others, and It is wiser to conform rather than to create conflict. A sign of reminder to protrude morality and good conduct to surrounding beings.

Where there is conformity, there is peace, and knowing the significance promotes righteousness in any way. Needles are solid that makes them stronger than any liquid matter, as they are absolute in form. Like a human with a solid personality, so as the belief in life that would pierce any contradiction of truth. A stronger element since they are made with aluminum, bronze, or nickel. Firmer than wood, imagine if needles are bigger, these objects could penetrate the earth's crust. If it is a personality, their faith in their convictions is greater than anyone else. Needles are created small for small purposes only, nevertheless it does not degrade their value.

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