Dreams on birthday
Birthday is an important happening in everyone's life who still lives on Earth. It is an energetic day for every person and it is the happiest celebration. Dream is a concept with a frame of images and thoughts occurring in a person's mind during sleep. There are some dreams which will really occur in reality where the dreamer is surprised. Also, there are some dreams which will not occur where the dreamer feels disappointed. There are some people who bind the dream and reality which is known as Narcoleptic in psychology.

You might dream that you are jumping from a mountain cliff and you suddenly wake up after that, this is because your brain cannot imagine what's after the death. But there are some dreams you might like to live longer in that state of mind such as your birthday, your friend's birthday, your marriage etc... These dreams will suddenly flows through your mind which will think to be with it forever.

Birthday is an event where every

There is a separate scientific study for dreams which is known as Oneirology. The specialist in this rare field on dreams is known as Oneirologist where they have silent demand. They will analyze every dream and write the meanings for it. According to their assumption some dreams can happen and some dreams will be failed to happen. The reason to study on dream is that to test the neurotransmitters which are active during dreaming.

Birthday is an event where every dreamer tends not to wake up and mess. According to Oneirology there are some meanings on birthday party. First, it is a celebration of anything that you have achieved for something. Second, It can be a reason for getting old which disappoints. Third, this event will also denote your maturity, honouring yourself for something and have fun with those you love most.

 If any anniversaries comes in

Dreams on birthday can be your childhood birthday, invited for a birthday celebration, a family member's birthday, best friends birthday etc... These types of birthday give you different meanings with whom you are interacted with. Celebrating another person's birthday shows that somebody close to you will help you out, and don't forget to wish him/her.

If any anniversaries comes in your dream it reveals the friend's reunion or family gathering. Dreaming about a child's birthday, it is the dreamer who thinks about his/her childhood to not forget the happiest moments. If you saw a dream that you are presented with birthday gifts it denotes that you will achieve for something which you are working for, it can be your ambition or career. In some references they mentioned that many barriers will come towards you.

Dreams on birthday

If you had a dream of presenting birthday gifts it denotes that you will be invited for an important event forward. If you saw a dream that you are being killed by someone on your birthday, this reveals that you are in depression, out of mood or over excited in your current state of mind. A birthday party at a friend's house suggest that there is happiness and peace in your life. Invited for a bored birthday suggests that your friend's will betray you and let you down. You will feel out of mood and disappointed.

An enjoyable birthday part suggests that there will be profitable dealings in your work and more opportunities will knock your door. Dreaming about being invited for a strange person's birthday party denotes about your bright future. If you had dream about birthday wishes, it suggests that you are to put a special or meaningful effort for coming holidays. Birthday wishes also denotes about your good health for life long.

If you saw a dream of spending birthday party with your relatives whom you missed for long time, this denotes that you are going to meet them soon. Dreaming on your female friend's birthday party, it suggests that if there were any misunderstandings it will be solved out soon. If you had a dream about your mother's birthday party will surely denote of your health for living many years. It also suggests about mutual relationships in your family and peace in your life.

These are the interesting dream meanings on birthday and every birthday will mostly be a positive one for every person who deserves it.

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