Dreams of Insecurities
Dreams are always difficult to navigate around, and so are relationships, especially if you are in one with a person with whom you're not certain. Relationships always require a person to involve herself fully with your body, mind, and soul. It involves two people who are connected in ways that are not only physical but also emotional, psychological. This means that it is important to be in a relationship where both of you are attracted to each other in these three ways.

These dreams are believed to come

These dreams are believed to come from your subconscious thoughts because as one sleeps, the mind is still awake, showing the person what you have been thinking about subconsciously or all those thoughts that you have been pushing away. The thoughts never really go away, they are just there, at the back of your mind, just waiting for a trigger.

You might have had a dream

You might have had a dream of your boyfriend cheating because you have been noticing things changing in his life and are trying to convince yourself that it is not the case. However, the subconscious mind always knows the things one fears most and those that one never wants to mention publicly. It may be your assumptions, though it is vital to check the details. Find out a reason for this feeling since these feelings lead to insecurities caused by red flags in the same relationship. People not in your relationship could say all types of things, but the girlfriend alone knows what exactly is going on.

Dreams of Insecurities

Assess your partner's behavior, comparing it with when you first met, at that time, your boyfriend was still begging you to become his girlfriend. He should give the same attention he did that time, all those good things he did for you. Right now, he is probably spending too much time on his phone, never even notices when you wear his favorite dress, gets home late with a shady story that does not even convince you. Other men are different in that when they start seeing someone else, they give all the attention, more than normal. They get you gifts, expensive ones, but will still not have access to his phone, and whenever asked of his whereabouts, he gets something to say, as his stories never add up.

Such men may feel guilty about what they do or maybe want to keep you busy so that you will not have a chance to think about the wild thoughts you might have. Men are different in that this other type of man treats their girlfriends as if they are the ones cheating when actually it is him. He will randomly start going through your phone, looking for anything to victimize or make you feel guilty in any way so that in case you ever catch him, it will seem like you started it. With these three men types, a girl should not be blamed for thinking that their boyfriend is cheating on you.

He might be, even though he has not shown it yet, and the gut feeling never lies. We could spend all day blaming men while sometimes, we are the ones to blame. If a lady has had many failed relationships that ended as the partner cheated, she will have trust issues for a really long time. Of course, she would not be blamed because of the fear that the same thing will happen over and over, trust the magic of new beginnings. A philosopher once said that we become what we feed our minds, when fed with insecurities, you will dream of your boyfriend cheating on you or vice versa.

Having insecurities means that one has trust issues. No relationship will thrive without trust, as it is the glue that binds two people together. Although it is okay to be scared, do not let your dreams control how you view your partner. For all we know, he might be innocent, and you might be the problem. Get rid of your insecurities while being alert to whatever red flags may follow. The decision is entirely in your hands, either to pay attention to the dream and the little details in your relationship or ignore the dream altogether. Beware of toxic, manipulative relationships as well.

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