Dreaming of Spending Time with Your Friends
Dreams are often manifestations of what happens around us, either during the day or something that happens in the past. They could also come in the form of De Javu, where we seem to be reliving a certain period in life. You'll have an experience that seems to be very familiar to you, that you think you traveled into the future at some point, or you went back in time. This is one reason why certain communities believe in reincarnation, where once you die, your spirit acquires a new body through which it continues living. It is a skeptical phenomenon to many, but those who believe in it have their facts backed up with beliefs of the spirit world.

Often, dreams can occur when the

Often, dreams can occur when the conscious mind taps into the surrounding energy around. If you're at a point in life where you're happy or satisfied, then your dream will reflect that using whatever metaphor you can understand. When you're going through a rough patch, a stressful time, your dream will indicate the same, and there might be clues to help you come out of that phase. We cannot process things if we're stressed, but if the minds are relaxed, like when we are asleep, then we can break down complex information and more likely to come up with a positive solution to whatever trouble we are facing.

Dreaming of Spending Time with Your Friends

Friends and family are both important entities in the lives of human beings, even animals. Social life forms a strong pillar in our whole being, just like any other aspect in life like spirituality, physical health. Friends are people whom we consider close to us and are always there in any time of need. Your family members can also qualify as your friends if you've managed to establish that long-lasting bond among yourselves. Dreaming about spending time with your friends could imply that you enjoy their company and take such moments seriously. You understand the bond you all share, and they all hold a special place in your heart.

Such dreams imply that you miss their company and cannot wait to see them again. This mainly happens if you've moved to a foreign land and lived there for consecutive months or years. In such scenarios, you're bound to dream about some of your closest friends and think about the times you shared. Sometimes, energies are so strong that when dreaming that you're hanging out with them, there could be something that has happened to one of them. It could either be good or bad, but you shouldn’t be surprised if you receive any news about them in the next few days or weeks.

However, many times, the news received is rarely good news. These people could either involved in an accident or might be dead, and your dream was the last good memory you had with them. Dreams connect us into a deeper world that we cannot fully understand since people are coming up with their theories, each with its flaws.

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