Dreaming of Rabbits
Seeing a rabbit in your dreams is a good thing, it symbolizes prosperity. Bunnies are treated as lucky animals, seeing a rabbit in your dream means that you are about to experience good fortune in your life. People have fancied rabbits as lucky animals for a long time, there is a superstition that rubbing a rubbing foot on a person before doing something difficult improves chances of winning. Fighters would often rub their bodies with a rabbit's foot to improve their chances of winning. When you see a rabbit in your dream, this is a cause for celebration.

A white rabbit appearing in a dream can be interpreted as the purity of your relationship. The white rabbit represents virtue, it shows that your spouse is faithful. When people dream of white rabbits, they have attained a certain level of satisfaction in their romantic relationships. The interpretation is rather different when the rabbit in your dream is black.

Dreaming of a rabbit that is

Black rabbits represent a fear of commitment in romantic relationships due to experience. When a black rabbit appears in your dream, it means that you have suffered a string of bad relationships. As a result, you have grown fearful of committing to romantic relationships as an escape strategy. Such a dream means a person has a long journey of healing ahead to rebuild trust.

Dreaming of a rabbit that is hopping around hints at abundance in a person's life. The jumping around is symbolic of the opportunities that such a person has to work with. While this maybe interpreted as a good thing, it can also serve as a caution against over-indulgence. A hopping bunny, could be interpreted to symbolize numerous romantic attachments. A person who is involved in different relationships simultaneously is considered promiscuous. Such a character could be compared to a bunny jumping around with no clear goal. When you experience such a dream, your inner being is trying to give you an epiphany on the importance of finding your soul mate.

Dreaming of Rabbits

Alternatively, a hopping rabbit could symbolize virility and fertility. A hopping bunny is full of life, its vibrant nature shows its strength. Dreaming of a such a rabbit can be interpreted as a good sign, it shows that you are fertile or virile. A hopping rabbit carries the promise of many children. When such a dream occurs to you, the interpretation is that you are going to have a huge family. In different cultures, kids carry different value, while in some having many kids is a financial liability, others consider it a blessing and a cause for cheer.

While a rabbit is considered a symbol of luck, certain actions can lead to a negative deduction. If your bunny scratches or bites you, this shows that there is trouble brewing in your personal relationship. In this scenario, the bunny represents somebody you love and trust, the act of biting or scratching you shows the person will hurt you. If the rabbit bites on your toes, this is a sign of malicious intent. Dreaming of a rabbit biting your toes implies that your lover is out to get you.

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