Dreaming of Jewelry
When a person dreams about jewelry, the first interpretation is that it's a pointer towards our physical wealth. Jewelry falls under luxury items, for a person to be able to afford jewelry, it means the person has satisfied simpler wants and needs. If in your dream you are in possession of a chest of jewelry, it means that your financial wealth is going to increase. The dream signifies prosperity, if you are involved in a certain business deal, it is going to succeed. Wearing jewelry in your dream hints that you are living well, that your financials are in order.

Jewelry does not always represent physical

Jewelry does not always represent physical wealth, a dream about jewelry could indicate the prosperity that will be brought by using your talents. We wear jewelry as a statement of personal taste and style. Jewelry helps us stand out from the crowd, dreaming of jewelry can represent a talent or a gift a person has. Talents can bring wealth if exploited well, having such a dream demands that the dreamer evaluates how he has been using his talents. To enjoy prosperity in life, it is advisable to exploit your talents fully by doing something that you love. When exploiting a talent, a person is paid for something he is good at.

Dreaming of wearing expensive jewelry can

Dreaming of wearing expensive jewelry can be interpreted as a sign of good fortune in your career. Expensive jewelry is hard to come by because of the cost implication. This means only a limited number of people can buy it. Seeing yourself wearing expensive pieces of jewelry can represent a promotion at work. This dream is interpreted as a sign of good fortune, it represents a new opportunity to become somebody better. After experiencing such a dream, a dreamer should prepare to exploit the opportunity when it appears.

Dreaming of Jewelry

The jewelry you wear is a reflection of your status in life, by dreaming of wearing cheap or expensive jewelry, this is a reflection of how you perceive yourself. Cheap jewelry means you have more pressing needs to handle instead of channeling your money to buying jewelry. If in a dream you are wearing expensive jewelry, it shows that you belong to the upper class. Classes dictate what social circles we can walk in and how comfortable we are around certain people. From your dream, you can tell what social class you belong to. Your status has a bearing on your level of self-esteem, if the dreamer is not contended, more has to be done to elevate status.

A dream about jewelry can have a negative meaning to it if the dreamer has his jewelry stolen. Stolen jewelry represents a loss of a prized possession. While it might not represent an actual loss of property, the dream can symbolize broken trust. If somebody betrays your trust, something of immense value is lost. Relationships take time to build, a small betrayal can destroy all that effort. After experiencing such a dream, you have to stay cautious to avoid betrayal from someone close to you. Jewelry is valuable, whoever is going to betray you is someone you hold dear.

Adorning silver jewelry has its meaning tied to future events, it signals prosperity. Silver is perceived to be a precious metal, its presence in a dream shows you have a bright future. By dreaming of owning silver jewelry, it shows that the dreamer has a bright future. The dream is a signal that your financial ventures will prosper, or your career path will be on a positive trajectory. Alternatively, dreaming of silver jewelry is representative of a positive outlook towards life, it shows the dreamer is enjoying life.

To dream of adorning a large piece of jewelry means that people are starting to take notice of your work. When giving honorary pieces of jewelry, they are crafted to be large and elegant. By rocking such pieces, it shows that people in your close circle are starting to be more appreciative of your role in their life. The large jewelry due to their grand nature can be used to represent a great achievement. Alternatively, a large grand piece of jewelry can be representative of a new-found love. New relationships are beautiful, and exciting they can manifest in your dream as an exquisite piece of jewelry.

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