Dreaming of Isolation
Isolation is a state where you're confined in solitary because you've contracted a highly contagious disease. It can easily spread from one host to another, and many times it's got no cure. To control this spread, infected hosts are separated from the healthy ones until they are naturally cured of the disease or succumb to it. The goal is to ensure that no other parties are exposed to it since it may cause an outbreak that will be difficult to manage. Since the facilities in medical institutions are limited, this is done to control the number of sick individuals at a time, to ensure that people are well catered for if they are infected. Isolation is practiced on humans and on animals, especially farm animals that tend to be kept together under one shed. Farm animals are prone to spread this infection quickly, and it's advised that even when healthy, they should be put under a variety of sheds to keep them aerated.

Dreams are often manifestations of what

Dreams are often manifestations of what is happening around us or our brain’s interpretation of the energies we feel around us. They are relative to a situation and the individual experiencing them. This implies that two people may have what looks like to be similar dreams, but they could be interpreted differently if looked at the situation going on in their lives. Whether good or bad, dreams often carry a hidden meaning that should be explored, especially if it's recurring. Recording it in a journal could help you to remember it whenever you read it, and you'd ponder on it when your mind is sober enough to think clearly.

Dreaming of Isolation

Dreaming about isolation could be interpreted in several ways. The first obvious way to look at it's the probability of a deadly disease coming, or you may have seen an isolation-themed movie, and you are now dreaming about it. Experts call Déjà vu, which are dreams that kind of predict what could happen in the future. In these dreams, you'll get a snippet of what will happen, then later get to experience it, but you'll only know it's familiar after the incident has passed. Some scholars link this phenomenon to reincarnation, where instead of seeing the future, you are essentially reliving a part of your past life.

It can also be interpreted as feeling lonely or having a lonely life. The isolation can get lonely since you're all alone in a room, or a field, wherever you’ll be confined. When you try to make new friends in a new environment where people are unwilling to be your friend, you tend to feel left out and unwanted. There are other cases where you had good friends before, but they betrayed you, leaving you hurt and heartbroken. This results in you having trust issues when making friends, causing you to lock yourself up. Such a state could be interpreted as self-isolation, where you find peace in being with yourself. Your mind is blocked from the outside world, and it majorly revolves around you or what you like, leaving no room for anyone else to enter.

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