Dreaming of Hamburgers?
The fast-food hamburger has many layers of condiments, which means it has lots of flavors. A multiple-layer food could signify the various taste preference of a person. When a personality has numerous food opinions, the man is rich and can afford all sorts of foods he likes. Each layer of a hamburger has a meaning that describes the priorities in life. Both top and bottom bun represent how thick your financial security is in life. Lettuce represents genuine relationships that are indispensable to live a happy life, while the tomato speaks for love-life. The most delicious layer, which is the meat, expounds everything about self, whether pleasure or desire, and cheese is just optional, just like adventures in life, not necessary, but it makes life more colorful.

There are other meanings of dreaming

There are other meanings of dreaming a hamburger aside from a favorite meal; it could be the food that is not prohibited from eating because of overweight issues. Since a person is deprived, the craving will invoke it in a dream. The person is probably drooling while dreaming it, as he envisions the succulent texture of the hamburger. Perhaps a dream is showing a possible future of what meal be eaten tomorrow? Since hamburgers are usually jumbo, maybe the dream emphasizes gluttony. Eating more than enough is gluttony even if your tummy is full, and the dream may be warning us to be generous with food to others. The price of a readily made hamburger is affordable for minimum wage employees, perhaps the usual food to buy whenever hanging out with some friends, and it connects to being amiable. For being thoughtful, even in a dream.

A hamburger is an artificial dish

A hamburger is an artificial dish prepared structurally, and that relates to wholeness since a burger cannot be a burger if it lacks a single condiment. The dish must be completed to savor the perfect description of the taste. If a condiment lacks, the food cannot be called a hamburger, more like a sandwich. The dream interprets a consequence of being incomplete, and life cannot be whole if a thing is missing. The necessity to keep every indispensable factor in life is paramount for wholeness. The moment of cherishing every layer of a hamburger is like having fruitful moments with loved ones; It is satisfying.

Dreaming of Hamburgers?

The nutritional content of one hamburger has high calories, which could lead to obesity, and a dream is reminding us to stay healthy. They are like warning signs that inform the reality into awareness before taking place. Once instilled in the mind, there is vigilance in any encounter. Inclinations of a hungry person are genuine, especially when a portion of food is served in front, moreover a whole yummy hamburger. It is irresistible in a dream, also in reality.

The interpretation of a hamburger dream is limited, no matter how imagination is stretched, even beyond the border of normality, because no application would amplify humanity's edification. Just like a guessing game rather than interpreting, and it is a fancy dream to expound philosophical ideologies as it revolves almost the same thought—the absurdity of expounding what may happen or if the meaning is undeniably hilarious. There is no lyrical insight so beautiful or philosophical knowledge in all angles from a common aliment eaten by common consumers. Nothing but a childish fantasy of what could be the meaning of such a dream. Would you focus your attention on the hamburger? Instead, finding the reason why. Unless the dreamer was handcuffed and unable to move hence cannot shift in another direction except the plain sight of a hamburger.

And if ever there was a dream about it, would you believe the manipulated interpretations of it? Rational people would certainly ask for other details aside from the visualization of a hamburger. Nothing is interesting about it except for its peculiarity, and neither positive nor negative interpretations would invoke something because it is just a hamburger. Even if a false, exaggerated interpretation is delivered, like becoming a billionaire is not only unbelievable but boring. No positive or negative impact will happen in real life if someone dreams about a hamburger. A person explaining a dream about a hamburger will become a figure of fun to children and be regarded as deluded by adults.

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