Dreaming of Farewells
A dream in which you say goodbye to somebody you have not seen in a while can be interpreted that you will hear bad news about the person. The nature of the bad news might differ in intensity, it could be something as simple as the person will trip and fall or something as extreme as dying. When you dream of saying goodbye to a person you have not seen in a while, it is difficult to arrive at a precise deduction because there are so many potential outcomes. If you dream of such, it is advisable not to think too much of it as this can lead to unnecessary anxiety.

The nature of your goodbye can

The nature of your goodbye can make a dream about a farewell to be interpreted in different light. Dreaming of a farewell does not always carry a negative deduction, if in your dream, you are bidding farewell to a lover and your goodbye is warm or full of love, it's a sign of a good thing. Happy farewells are interpreted to mean that new people will walk into your life. After experiencing a happy farewell in your dream, you should prepare to meet and make new friends.

Dreaming of Farewells

Alternatively, if a person dreams of saying a happy goodbye to friends, it means that the individual is going to enjoy financial prosperity in business. The farewell in this instance is symbolic of your change in fortune. Happiness experienced is a signal that a person is contended with the elevation in status. By seeing your close friends in your dream, it means they are there to celebrate your achievement. A dream about a farewell is given meaning by the prevailing mood, if a farewell is a merry affair, this shows that an individual is about to experience prosperity. Dreaming of farewells is not always a sign of bad things that are about to happen.

When younger people dream of saying bye to their parents, this shows they are seeking autonomy. By saying farewell to parents, you are ready to face life on your terms. If somebody young dreams of saying farewell to parents, it shows that he is ready to embrace maturity and leave home. Such dreams are treated as the inner being calling for responsible living. At some stage in a person's life, moving out is inevitable, the dream is preparing you for a reality that will come to pass. If in your dreams you often bid your parents farewell, it's not necessarily a bad sign.

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