Dreaming of Earrings
Dreams that touch on jewelry can be interpreted in different ways. If the jewelry in question is an expensive pair of earrings, the dream will be interpreted different from that of a cheap pair of earrings. When you dream of wearing a fancy pair of earrings, it serves as a hint that you are going to experience wealth and prosperity in your life. Alternatively, they could hint at a more subtle form of improvement such as more self-confidence. A glamorous pair of earrings can boost your esteem if they fit in with your outfit. Dreaming of wearing jewelry can be interpreted as trying out a different style and is treated as a sign of growth.

Since earrings are worn on the

Since earrings are worn on the ears, a dream about wearing earrings can be interpreted to mean you need to pay more attention to what is being said about you. The ears are used for hearing, seeing them in a dream could be a call to pay more attention to something that was said about you. Such a dream could be symbolic of a rumor that is spreading about you. It means that you should pay more attention to what is being said and make amends to avoid walking into more problem. If it is a false rumor being spread about you, dreaming of it means you should treat the person talking bad about you with suspicion.

Seeing an expensive pair of earrings

Seeing an expensive pair of earrings in your dreams means a person is going to experience good fortunes in business. A pricey pair of earrings is representative of a good run in your business. If you were involved in a certain project, it is going to experience financial success. A dream about wearing an expensive pair of earrings made of diamond, gold or rubies is a good sign, it shows a person is going to run into a good deal or wealth soon. Earrings are used as a status symbol, seeing a pricey pair is a reflection of an elevation in status.

Dreaming of Earrings

For a man to dream of giving earrings to a woman, it is a good sign for their relationship. Giving gifts is a sign of a healthy relationship, it's symbolic for the good place your relationship is at. Such a dream is treated as a sign that your personal relationship is prospering. Dreaming of giving gifts to your spouse means you still care and is a good sign, it shows you are still trying to win her over. This element of warmth is enough to sustain a relationship.

When a man sees his wife putting on earrings in a dream, the interpretation depends on what kind of earrings she was putting on. If she is putting on silver earrings the interpretation is negative. It means there is a hidden ailment or her health is going to take a blow. After experiencing such a dream, to check on your wife's health, an all-round checkup would be in order. Alternatively, silver earrings could represent problems starting in your marriage caused by a rumor that is being spread.

If the earrings in your dream are dangling or ornate it has a negative meaning too. Dangling earrings command attention due to their huge size, they could hint at immorality. They are a pointer that your wife is seeking out the attention of other men. Ornate earrings are just as loud, they seek to be noticed. Seeing your wife wear a pair of ornate earrings on her way out, signals that she is seeking to get noticed by another man. Such a dream is a sign of caution about the behavior and character of your wife. After experiencing such a dream you should be wary of your spouse' conduct.

Dreaming of frantically looking for a pair of earrings and finally finding them has a positive interpretation. It shows that there was something missing in your life, a piece of information, perhaps. Finding the earrings means you have finally found it, and you are ready to make use of it. Dreaming of losing an earring means the opposite, that there is something missing that you need to look for. Alternatively, it can hint at a nasty rumor about you that is in circulation, it is more of a call to action, for you to address the rumor.

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