Dreaming of Demons
Demons represent evil entities that are dedicated to malice, seeing demons in your dreams does not necessary symbolize evil. When you dream of demons, it shows that a person is conflicted about something. Demons present the allure of taking the easy way out that might not be necessarily the best course of action. Appearance of demons in your dream might represent a moral dilemma, when a demon manifests in your dream it is symbolic of a bad decision. This means it is not too late for the dreamer to make the proper decision; avoid taking the easy way out of a problem by compromising virtue and character.

Since demons are perceived to be

Since demons are perceived to be the opposite of good, seeing demons in your dreams maybe symbolic of a difficult period you are going through. When you see a demon in your dream, it is symbolic of challenges that you are facing in real life. While a demon is scary and inspires dread, it should not break you. As a person, you still have to take charge of your life. Like in the classic tale of brain against brawn, you can navigate around your problems and arrive at an ideal solution. The dream is a call for resilience, the dreamer should not give in to despair but should focus on potential solutions.

A demon might represent a difficult

A demon might represent a difficult choice that has to be made for progress to be achieved. Doing the right thing is not always as easy as advertised, making the right choice can be rather demanding. When you see a demon in your dream, evaluating your life to identify decisions that have been on hold is the first step. Ignoring these decisions will prove problematic at a future date. Addressing these scary demons will build you into a better person. Understanding what stands to be gained makes it easier to tackle these challenges.

Dreaming of Demons

These Demons can appear in our dreams as a representation of a negative addiction we are trying to drop. If in your dream the demon is stalling your progress, it can represent a negative habit that is holding you back. Demons represent a darker version of us, letting your addictions control you can prove disastrous to healthy relationships. For instance, a man who gambles too much might end up wasting his money and break up the family. Demons can be interpreted as these unhealthy addictions that are standing in the way.

While demons are representative for negative vices, it might not be something you are necessarily involved in. Dreams that involve demons can be a warning against certain temptations that could ruin your public standing. For example, a married woman maybe tempted on acting on her desire for another suitor. The demon is symbolized by this temptation, acting on it can be scandalous and end-up destroying her marriage. Dreaming of demons should be treated as a call for caution against certain habits. Destructive habits can rob a person of all progress made and push the person back into a state of distress as a result of consequences.

Guilt can surface as a demon in your dreams as demons are symbolic of a person's darker side. When you dream of a demon in your dream, it signals that there is something that you did that you are not proud of. While your repressed failure can be a secret, the feeling of guilt is still eating you up from inside. Facing flaws helps us break from the yoke we keep carrying around. By acknowledging the flaws and making steps to fix them, redemption is possible. Avoid repressing your feeling as this is a toxic habit that will affect your happiness and will stall your growth.

To dream of having a dream chasing you speaks about your fears. The demon represents your fears, by chasing you it shows that the fears were never addressed. The fears that the dreamer is running from are from his past. By facing what broke us at some point in life, it becomes easier to bounce back stronger. The dream represents a fear that is present in every moment of your life. Running forever is a difficult way of solving the problem. Scary as it is, a dreamer has to face the anxieties and fears.

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