Dreaming of Being in War
When a person dreams about war it's treated as a negative sign. Wars are a trying time of extensive destruction of property and loss of life. Dreaming about being in a war means that trouble is headed your way, and you should do everything in your power to avoid that fate. The war in this scenario could be representative of negative habits that are holding back. War could be representative of an internal conflict you carry around. Deviant behavior leads to severe consequences which can be equated to the tribulations of being caught up in a war. To avoid these extreme instances, a person should evaluate his behavior and make necessary adjustments.

Wars represent a period of hardship

Wars represent a period of hardship that leads to mass murders as different factions of society clash. A dream about war can indicate that somebody you are close too will die. In this interpretation, death is symbolized by the irreversible nature of war. Once a war has started, it takes on a life of its own as people relapse into a more savage existence. When you dream of war, it means you are going to lose somebody close. The loss will cause great sorrow, these dreams of war should be treated as a bad omen.

If a person dreams of war,

If a person dreams of war, it could be a call to action to change certain elements of a person's life. There are instances when we feel the life we are living is not entirely in our control. It falls within the mandate of the dreamer to make all the necessary adjustments needed to achieve maximum productivity. War represents something that is holding an individual from achieving all he is capable of. To move forward in life, these challenges have to be addressed. War represents a set of hard choice you have to make to become a better person.

Dreaming of Being in War

Alternatively, a dream about war could signal that you are going to be invited to an important meeting. The war represents the important nature of the meeting in question. In this scenario, it shows that you are passionate about the issues that will be discussed in the meeting. Such a dream is regarded as a hint that you should prepare thoroughly for the meeting. War does not laterally mean actual warfare, it could represent a clash in ideologies. Like a soldier preparing for war, you should prepare adequate points to argue your case. This helps in dealing with the issues brought up more effectively.

A dream about fighting in a war has a stronger implication on a person's well-being. Dreaming of being involved in the actual fighting shows that a person is going to experience poor health due to poor lifestyle choices. When an individual sees himself fighting a war, more attention is called for in healthy living. War in this instance represents the struggle that comes with poor health. Periods of fighting are full of anxiety and misery over a vague future that carries little promise for prosperity. Good health is essential for prosperity as it influences a person's productivity.

In the instance you are fighting a war without any weapon, it shows that you are going to suffer a period of difficult. Wars are hard enough to fight using sophisticated weapons, winning a war without proper artillery is a difficult feat to achieve. Such a dream prepares you to embrace an extremely trying period that you are about to go through. The significance of a lack of weapons is that the dreamer will have little tools or capacity to handle the impending challenge. However, this is not a sign of doom, the fact that the dreamer is still putting up a fight shows resilience.

Putting up a fight without any weapons can be treated as a sign that the dreamer is exhausted. In the dreamer's personal life, this character is over-worked or stressed. A fight with no weapons is symbolic of someone who is tired and lacks the energy to keep moving forward. When you experience such a dream, reevaluate your life to establish what fields you feel tired of. Take a break from your work to rejuvenate your energy reserves. Overworking yourself leads to mental fatigue that ultimately leads to stress, if stress is left unchecked for an extended period, it might grow into depression.

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