Dreaming of Bananas
A broad way of looking at a dream about a banana is that it represents pleasure. Dreaming of a banana is often interpreted as a person finding something pleasurable to do. The new activity is enjoyable, this meaning comes from the fact that a banana is a sweet fruit. A banana's sweet nature is equated to an enjoyable sensation that a person is about to experience. A dream about a banana is a representation of the dreamer's passion, it shows the person has discovered a new pleasurable activity. Dreaming of bananas is a good sign and represents pleasure.

There is a deeper and more

There is a deeper and more sensual deduction from a dream about a banana. A banana is shaped like the male genitalia, its distinct shape influences the deduction that such a dream is sexual in nature. Dreaming of bananas can be interpreted to represent your sexual relationship with your partner. Since bananas are sweet fruits, the general interpretation is that you find the experience to be enjoyable. Alternatively, a dream with a banana in it can represent a new romantic relationship a person has ventured into. The banana in this dream represents the exciting nature of a new relationship. It shows that the dreamer is thrilled about his new sexual encounter.

Dreaming of Bananas

Dreams about a banana are interpreted to mean a person has found joy and satisfaction in something he was pursuing. A banana represents a happy state, its presence in a dream shows satisfaction with results. With this interpretation, your banana could mean you will find financial success in your business or get a promotion in your career. Either way, dreaming of a banana is a sign of good things to come. When an individual dreams of bananas it hints, there is a certain level of satisfaction in goals achieved. Dreaming of eating a banana represents enjoying success in a certain project.

The nature of a banana also has plenty of influence over how the dream will be interpreted. If your banana is unripe, it shows that something new is about to enter your life. Unripe bananas are representative of new opportunities, when you dream of unripe bananas, the dream is interpreted as a sign that you will encounter a new opportunity. These unripe bananas hint at future prosperity and are treated as a good sign. If your banana is ripe, it means an opportunity is ready for exploitation.

It's possible to draw a negative deduction from a dream about a banana too. If your banana is rotten, this hints at a business deal that did not succeed. Your rotten banana is symbolic of the financial implication of bad business. When you experience such a dream, it should serve as a sign of caution on all business deals you are actively pursuing. In the instance you are dreaming of eating many bananas, this shows that there is an area in your life that needs to be fixed. By eating many bananas, somebody is trying to fill up a void. Your interpretation of a dream concerning a banana depends on how enjoyable the experience was.

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