Dreaming of A Teddy Bear
Dreams are very relative, depending on the person and what they are going through in their lives at that particular point. They can be interpreted in different ways, each of which makes sense, and can apply in different ways. It's up to you as an individual to assess areas it'd best apply in your life. Journaling helps in remembering it, where you'll revise while pondering upon it before you come up with your answer.

Teddy bears tend to bring an

Teddy bears tend to bring an aura of comfort wherever they are. When walking into a room and spot a teddy, the first instinct would be to walk up to it while attempting to hug it tightly. You’d also think of how cute it's at the back of your mind. This will release certain hormones within you to have you feeling at peace, relaxed and comfortable in that space. People, mainly children, are allowed to sleep with small teddy’s, just to make them feel comfortable that they are not alone. Some of these habits move on till adulthood, which is still perfectly normal. When the bear is seen in your dream, it'd mean that you're at a point in your life where you're comfortable, and at peace with what you do.

Dreaming of A Teddy Bear

It could also be interpreted that you're searching for that comfort, where the teddy bear could be representing something else in real life. Different things bring your heart peace and comfort like the bear would, where it's up to an individual to find their bear. It'd appear in this metaphorical form because that is how your mind has registered peace from a young age, which you probably outgrew with time. You may have physically forgotten about it, and found new ways to feel at peace, but your mind will forever hold such memories.

If you had one that you really loved as a child, then it is possible to have dreams of it, where you remember your most cherished moments with it. It takes very minimal effort to please a child, and giving them a teddy to play with could keep them busy. Dreaming about it years later could only imply that you still have that connection towards it, and you miss the days when you still had it. It may have been stolen or lost especially when moving houses. Sometimes, these stuffed animals are irreplaceable, in that even if a new one is bought, its experience will not be the same as with the old one. Especially if it was the first one, then there is nothing that could make you completely forget about it.

In the dream, if the stuffed animal was being loved by everyone, then you'd be the bear. The dream shows that you're providing comfort and make life simpler for those around your space. Sometimes, people will tend to talk to the bear, assuming that they are talking to a person, but all they want to do is confide in someone who will understand. Using this interpretation, you're that person who people come to confide in or give them a shoulder to lean on.

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