Dreaming of a Paparazzi
Dreaming about a paparazzo means a person feels there has been an invasion of privacy. Such a dream will occur when you feel that there is somebody who is being too judgmental about your progress in life. A paparazzo has little regard for an individuals personal space, this can feel offensive especially when these intrusions come often. When you dream about somebody following you around and taking pictures of you, it could be a hint that in a certain sector of your life, you feel you are being scrutinized too much. Everybody needs their personal space, it gives a person a sense of control over your life.

A second interpretation of dreaming about

A second interpretation of dreaming about a paparazzo following you around is that you feel that someone is judging you. It could be one person or the society in its entirety, having people focus their spotlight on you can be annoying. In the ideal setting, people would not judge others because they are aware of how hard living can get. This is not often the case, judgments are passed around from strangers who barely know you. Since most of this talk when judging another person passes around as gossip, you don't have that much control over how the facts will be bent to suit a certain narrative.

Dreaming of a Paparazzi

Feeling judged is a frustrating experience that tears at a person's self-esteem. Dreams about paparazzi might be experienced after a scandal breaks out or some negative information leaks out. Since hate spreads faster than love, such information spreads like a wildfire. Talking about other people and their errors has a way of making a person better than the subject of the gossip going around. When an individual goes through such a trying period of being judged by the larger society, dreaming about paparazzi is a reminder of this ugly reality.

Alternatively, dreaming of being followed by a paparazzo might hint that there is a general feeling of loss of control in your life. For instance, an over-controlling boss at work can make your life miserable. The constant scrutiny can be a cause for panic when the job security is shaky. A paparazzo evokes the same feeling by following their mark, every action their mark takes has implications tied to it if the paparazzi runs the story. This is the same feeling you get at work when your boss is overly controlling over how work affairs are conducted. The same can be said of a spouse in an abusive relationship, every waking minute feels like you are being watched.

Dreams of this nature shows there is an underlying issue that has to be addressed. To regain control of your life and shake of the feeling of scrutiny or criticism, a dreamer has to draw clear personal boundaries. In the instance the felling comes from a negative rumor or gossip, seeking validation from within will work best. Having a dream about paparazzi following you means that it is not too late to fix whatever is bringing about the feel of anxiety over scrutiny by outsiders.

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