Dreaming of a Key, What it Means
When a person dreams about keys, it hints at the desire to open up about something. The key is representative of a desire to confront a longing that a dreamer has followed for long. A key is symbolic of the possibility that chasing something carries, in this scenario, a dreamer has the desire to open up to a potential suitor about romantic feelings. Keys represent a longing that you have, it is more of a call to action, such dreams serve as hints from our inner being that we need to pursue something that had been put on hold.

Alternatively, dreaming of a key is

Alternatively, dreaming of a key is symbolic of a closed off relationship. The dream represents a bond that was broken in the past. When you deny somebody access to you, this can be interpreted as taking the keys from them. If you dream of taking keys from a person, it serves as a clue that you should put up boundaries with certain people. Often, a person tends to cut off people that bring negativity, this is an essential part of securing your personal space. When you dream of taking keys from certain people, take it as a hint that there are relationships that you have to end.

Dreaming of a Key, What it Means

Dreaming about a key can be interpreted as a challenge to embrace new ideas. The key symbolizes a new way of thinking. Often, people pursue their goals using the same old ways. Dreaming of a key could be a call to embrace a new way of tackling your challenges. To arrive at a set goal, an individual has to be willing to try out different strategies. When dreaming of dangling keys, it could be a hint that it's time to try something new. To find success, a person has to be ready to make adjustments in lifestyle and pick up healthier habits.

Keys in dreams could symbolize healing, when they appear, these keys could be symbolic of an issue that has been repressed for long but has to be tackled. In your dream, if you are looking for a key, it's a sign that you feel incomplete. The feeling of incompleteness could result from an issue you have refused to address for a longtime in your life. In such a scenario, a dreamer has to look within to find out what element needs fixing in his life. Tackling these insecurities leads to an individual becoming a better person and improving on self-esteem.

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