Dreaming About A Porch
The human mind is circulated around the processing thoughts and affect visuals to the sight. Personal desire and reflective appearances of nature constituting the components and ephemeral of a dream are captured in the mind. Dream, in a broad view, is the encompassing of series of human thoughts with a sensory perception of image and sensations happenings in your mind while at sleep. Though, dreaming of a porch, your culture and outward evaluation by individuals might portray contrary to genuine self.

Porch is a covered material but to enclose items or other materials for safety and preventions. The porch here is compared with a gallery or balcony-like phenomenon germane to human personalities and facade. Internal contents and the outward manifestation which constitute self being and simply culture. Sizeable porch really matters to measure the condition and state of mind accommodating thoughts and behaviours which later result to make up a complex entity called personality.

What could make you to dream

It is not an overstatement that identified people with an open porch are hospitable, friendly with maximum social acceptance. Their attitudinal evaluation is classic and welcoming but closed porch could be likened to personalities characterised by seclusion from the society. Living a life of isolation and delighted in setting up privacy is unarguably a closed porch. It is rare to meet an ambivalent type of porch because the measuring indicators would skew towards left or right.

What could make you to dream of an enclosed porch? This enquiry is wide and deep. Speculatively, people of like minds are delighted in privacy because they find solace contrary to agitations that occur in the interactions of people in day to day activities. Respect for individuals, reputation balancing, hygienic social boundaries, trust, freedom of thought, speech, social and political activities are assumed to necessitate pleasure of people crave for their privacy. These people are purely in an enclosed porch - a personality of private desire.

For instance, self-respect and trust is

Another fact observed stems from personality of self-isolating persons that most of them are choleric, and they have tendencies to examine problems with critical look and logical appraisals. They are reserved and calm, seeing other people as disturbance in exercising and carrying out their (people with desire for privacy) duties with ease. The personality is not necessarily be trained or built by educated ones. So, it can also be identified among people of low class and illiterate. There is a keen trace of strong affinity between high intelligence quotient and people who love privacy.

For instance, self-respect and trust is accrue to "dream of a closed porch". People assumed that silent person hardly disclose secrets though this is not preventing them from conspiracy but there is a high level at which people entrusted them compare to others. They are reserved with powered mindedness which improve their concentration and focus. Damsam has a business venture, and he chose to sit back, reflecting on how he could reach out to coverage of customers instead of going to places of social gathering for self-recognition or public attraction. Businessmen worked with database system approach thereby captured larger percentage of patronisers.

The quest now hinge on the right way to classify those who emanate residual personality just like a clopen porch. Clopen in this context implies ambivalent, those who delight in privacy and social geek yet there is a trace of open porch. It appears confusing to stratify well-known individual of a high standard who generously appreciate people and open-hearted but stay too long in a closet. He preferred not to be known. This people completely shut away from public viewing stand and never satisfied seeing themselves as cynosure - central of attention.

The popular belief and conventional practice reveal that personality originates from biological and environmental factors. People's behaviour is influenced by how they are wired biologically and their exposure. The study of psychology shed more light on this concept, noting that four types of temperaments which are: melancholic, sanguine, choleric and phlegmatic varied from one personality to another. Another way of categorizing human personality is by introvert-ism and extrovert-ism. Introvert can be related to closed porch while extrovert can represents open porch.

Human personality can not be exhausted due to its viable and wider scope circulating around it. The field of personality studies is scientific.

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