Dream of the After Life
The good thing about dreams is that they can be interpreted however the dreamer feels. There is rarely a right or wrong answer with dreams, but each answer depends on the events running in your life. Basing them on a person's current life, we can deduce which interpretation suits an individual best. Two people may dream the same dream, but since they are at different points in their lives, they could have different meanings. Certain people specialize in interpreting dreams, but that is something you can do on your own, especially if you've not yet forgotten it. If you feel like you'll forget, journaling it down will help you recall it or refer to it when ready to begin analyzing the dream.

The afterlife is considered to be where souls go after people die. This belief is not carried by everyone, with some believing that there is no life after death. Once you die, you die completely, with no consciousness to allow you to come back and watch over family or haunt them. Your body will decay in the ground and slowly turn into dust. For those who are religious, dreaming about life after death could mean a new beginning. It's impossible to recreate how life after death looks like since nobody alive knows what it. Those who believe, imagine what it looks like, in anticipation to go there.

Dying and going to the afterlife

Before making it to the afterlife, you must first die. Dying in your dreams does not mean that you'll die literally in real life, but it's only a metaphor. It should be treated with caution because people have dreamt of carrying certain actions only for them to wake up and find themselves having done those actions in real life, although while asleep. It'd be weird if someone did the same when dying, where you wake up to find yourself dead, only to continue being dead later.

Dying and going to the afterlife in your dreams would mean that a new life is on the horizon for you, a new beginning to start things afresh. You're now walking into a new chapter in your life that should face a bold face and a willing heart. It may be that a hold habit was killed, character, or ascending into better heights in your career. To find yourself living life after death, then it means whatever change that's coming is surely positive.

Dream of the After Life

These religions preach that not everyone makes it to the afterlife. Only those who lived a good life here on earth, by obeying what their god wants. Those who lived by their own rules instead of following the instructions of their god would never make it there.

After death, dreaming of life could also be your way of expressing the sorrow you feel of losing a loved one. You have faith that they are in the afterlife, and you are trying to reconnect with them, even it's for the last time before you ever see each other again. Griefing is a process people do differently, where some individuals take time to move on. Looking for them in that area is their sign of looking for closure and probably a sign to move on.

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