Dream meaning of police
Police officers do a great work of protecting citizens and maintaining law and order. They are a symbol of power and authority since they work for the government. Dreams about police officers are not quite common but when they do come then they have a strong symbolic meaning. These dreams have different meanings depending on what you saw the officer doing and how you emotionally reacted while having the dream.

Having an encounter with the police or if you’re working with them every day, then you should expect to have these dreams more often. Such dreams may not be having any meaning because the mind is still processing the real-life experience you’ve had. Generally, dreams about police symbolise discipline, authority, following rules and structure, and restoring sanity. If you dreamt about a police officer and are wondering what the message in the dream could be, scroll down this article for your dream and its meaning.

Dream about seeing a police officer

Seeing a police officer in a dream illustrates that you will be loved by the people around you and they will be looking up to you as a leader. When you see an officer in the public and you have nothing to do with them, it means that you need to be more observant of the environment you’re in. The dream also means that you should be more careful with the people you’re opening up to and share your ideas with them.

Being chased by police

A woman dreaming about an officer suggests that she needs a strong male figure as a partner or a father figure.

Being arrested by police

Arrest by the police in a dream means that you will face a strong persuasion to accept something that your family wants but you don’t. It can also mean that you’ll be tempted to pursue dishonest business tactics to get more money. This arrest, therefore, comes as a warning not to fall into this temptation because if you do you’ll get into trouble.

Being chased by police

Calling the police

Dreaming about being chased by a police officer is common reflection of regret, guilt and your reluctance to face the consequences that result from your mistakes. Such dreams usually come as a powerful reminder that you’re trying to run away from responsibility. Instead of running away, the dream suggests that you need to gather courage to take responsibility and face the consequences.

Being a police officer

This symbolises that you will have a social status and become an important person to your family and community. Working for the police forces in a dream can as well symbolise the need for you to become more responsible and organised. In addition, the dream also means that you are an honest person and that you’re usually annoyed when people around you become irresponsible and reckless. It also symbolises that you like to exercise control over things, and that you’re an overprotective individual.

Calling the police

Dream meaning of Police

Dialling a number to call the police symbolises that some wrong you did in the past is about to come up and cause you public humiliation. Those who have always respected you might change their perspective about you from this point. The suggestion from this dream is that things can be fine if you confront the situation without drawing unnecessary attention.

Other dream dictionaries suggest that the dream is an indication that you’ll take up a job against everybody’s expectation and your decision will come as a surprise to them.

Talking to a police officer

A dream where you’re talking with a member of the police force is an indication of conflict. People are going to confront you because of something that you said or did to them. You’ll need to approach this situation in a wiser way to defend your actions or words without making the situation worse.

Escaping from the police

To dream about escaping from the police is an indication that you will be a civil servant working for the state. However, if you try to escape but you cannot run, then it is means that you will be doing a job that regards the state. It can also mean that you are rigid to change your habits and your way of thinking.

In most cases, people tend to associate dreams about the police with negativity because the officers are always involved regulating problems and troubles of all sorts. From these interpretations it is clear that most of the interpretations are positive and interesting ones. Ultimately, the proper interpretation of your dream depends on your opinion about the police force and how you dream about them.

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