Dream Meaning Of Being Chased
When dreaming about running away or trying to hide from your pursuer, it could mean that there's a problem you're not dealing with in reality. This problem could be emotional because there can be a particular way you're feeling, which you're trying to avoid without getting a solution. Hiding your true feelings wouldn't make you feel better, as it'll keep tormenting you till it's properly resolved. Anger is a good example of an emotion that can be felt and ignored. If you sideline the emotion, it will only be hidden for a while before forcing its way out dangerously without control.

Waking up after you're chased in

Waking up after you're chased in the dream doesn't often mean that you're in danger. Individuals might be running away from problems in reality, which is a method of calling you to order. Another meaning can also be that you are being haunted by your destiny. It means that there's a gift in your life that is abandoned and should be given attention. Some might have noticed their gift but are too reckless to embrace it. Most individual's destiny is in the ministry, but due to stubbornness, they'll always run away from taking the responsibility of establishing a church alongside working for their maker.

Being chased in the dream could

Being chased in the dream could be spiritual, so certain things should be noted to get the meaning. Try to remember your pursuer, the proximity, recall if they could catch you, and your feeling while you were chased. When all these are put together, some answers would be revealed. Dreams could get serious that your pursuer might catch up and want to harm you. The dream is bad because it will feel real enough to make you panic unconsciously while sleeping. It's common among women who feel helpless in their community due to oppression or gender inequality.

Dream Meaning Of Being Chased

Modern media channels constitute the cause of being chased by someone in the dream. It occurs through scenes about assault or violence, as that's the trending series that people watch. After seeing the violent attacks on the media, there's a possibility that you'll dream of it eventually. Ensure that you are always aware of your surroundings to avoid serious attacks, and if this horror content is viewed, don't let it flood your mind to prevent it from appearing in your dream. The worst way to live is in fear because you wouldn't have peace.

People dream about being chased by the police or any other armed force. Whenever this dream occurs, it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll chase you in reality or you've broken the law. Police officers are respected, and they have the authority to carry out their duty. Dreaming of being chased by them means that person lacks control. There'll be a need to keep control of yourself in reality, so you'll get the level of respect for your existence. If you've been behaving recklessly, this dream is to make you get back your self-discipline before it becomes too late for amendment.

Another aspect is when animals chase people in the dream, which can be exhausting. These animals can be wolves, bears, or even a pack of lions which looks scary to the eyes. Human beings take precautions when it concerns wild animals, as they are willing to devour you in a few minutes. When you dream about being chased by these animals, you are repressing anger, and your subconscious mind would start storing aggression. Try to express your anger calmly, so the offender will know exactly how you feel instead of keeping it in your heart. Storing aggressiveness can lead to different heart diseases that are not good for humans: exercise enough and practice how to control that feeling before it consumes you.

Dreaming about being chased by a mad man means you are channeling your emotions on one person. Another bad aspect of being chased is when you can't run. During that period, your legs would feel too heavy to move, you'll feel weakness and loss of voice to talk or shout alongside helplessness. It means your problems are not attended to properly, and in an attempt to run, you'll get stuck. Try to think of how to solve the problem, as it's better than running away.

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