Dream depiction of Torture
Dreams can be depicted as one most amazing phenomenon of the human conscience. Some people assess dreams to be the messages from the psyche while some consider dreams to be the result of psychological conception. Everyone has dreams but do you know what they really mean? Have you tried to interpret any of them? Do you know what it means to dream about torture? Find all about that here. Dreaming that you are being tortured specifies that you are feeling exploited or vulnerable in some relationship or situation and you feel that you cannot do anything about it. Another possibility is that you may be exhibiting some sadomasochistic desires.

Dreaming that you are torturing someone or see others being tortured indicates that you are punishing yourself for your negative or bad habits. You are contemplating yourself onto the person or animal being tormented in your dream. Evaluate the symbolism of who is being tortured in your dream and interpret. On the other hand, the dream suggests oppressed feelings of revenge which you are unable to act on in your reality.

If you dream of torture then that indicates the difficulties that awaits you in the future. Also, if you dream torture it can be an indication of an early joy or relief at the end of a difficult period of your life. When you take the role of the torturer in your dreams, in reality you give the person lots of trouble and vexation. Seeing your dear one as a martyr means that your deeds are reflected in their moral state.

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Alternatively, murder and torture of people in your dreams has a slight different meaning. The dream evokes the evil morality of the dreamer, the close misfortune that will befall in case of denying to aid people who turn to you for help. Also, watching the tortures and murder of other people in your dream foretells a major sickness. Whereas, seeing a friend being tortured indicates that not only you will get ill but also some of your relatives. Alternatively, ruthless, sophisticated agony in a dream presages a rare, exotic disease.

If you are not being honest or reasonable, then you probably dream about torture of children. According to interpreters interrogation with torture in your dream, indicates great happiness. Alternatively, to see children being

tortured in your dreams means you will agonize from your laxity.

plans for rising your serendipity

Do you know what it means to dream yourself becoming a victim of cruel torture? It means that the compassion and clemency of some person will play an important role in your life. Alternatively, torturing someone in a dream means to feel powerless and becoming angry about it. And dreaming of being tortured indicates that you will undergo sorrow

and misery through the plots of fake friends. If you are torturing others in your dream that indicates the fact that you will fail to carry out your canny

plans for rising your serendipity. When you are trying to reduce the torture of others that means you will succeed

Dream depiction of Torture

after an arduous effort in business and love. Sometimes if you are being tortured, you might be feeling guilty about what you did to yourself that you might need some punishment.

Witnessing torture in your dream, such that you are watching a horror movie in the dream. And this torture scene made you tremble like you are experiencing the pain, could indicate a possibility of falling ill in reality. What if the person being tortured was someone you know like a relative or may be a friend? It can be an indication regarding some health issues affecting that person. If you kill someone through torture in your dreams, it has to do something with the anger you feel towards that specific person. Sometimes, the reason may be that you are trying to get rid of them for their misbehavior or ill-treatment towards you.

Whatever your dream is, you should always manage some time to interpret your dreams. They might be trying to tell you something and you should try to understand what your dreams actually mean. Maybe there is a chance of dreams trying to signal you and warn you of some potential danger. Give yourself time to check yourself and your loved ones of any potential disease.

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