Dream Definition of Being Chased by a Ghost
Dreams about ghosts mean you have an unresolved past issue that's still affecting you. These issues might be anything like bad love life, painful memories that's hard to forget, and the feeling of any other thing that makes you feel down. When people dream about ghosts, it's said that someone dear has died an unnatural death. People fear ghosts due to the stories or movies they've seen, so they never want to have physical contact with any. This dream means that you're refusing to deal with your past issues, despite that they're really affecting your life. That individual will not enjoy life because he'll be living with his hunted past in reality.

There are good and bad ghosts,

There are good and bad ghosts, as people have categorized them in the real world. The good ones don't hurt others even if they see them, but when you encounter a bad ghost, the after effect might be disastrous because they'll cause harm in different ways. If you dream about evil ghosts trying to kill you, it means you're ready to confront your past or whatever that has been weighing you down. With this, you'll be free to face a new chapter of your life without worrying about the past.

Dream Definition of Being Chased by a Ghost

Dreaming of a ghost choking you is exhausting because it'll seem real, and you'll be struggling to get free from its grip. It means there are things you've encountered previously that are preventing you from expressing yourself in reality. This often happens among humans, and it's a difficult situation to overcome, as the insecurities of their past will keep hunting the person from excelling in the future. They might want to contest for a public post, but when they thought of how shamed they felt in their past life, a withdrawal consideration will be made to abort the mission.

When you sleep at night and see a ghost in your dream, it's normal to get frightened by their scary sight. If you're too frightened, it means you'll receive bad news, which could even be about the death of someone. The reverse happens when you don't get frightened by their sight. In this situation, get ready for the good news of any kind, as there'll be announcements that'll bring joy and laughter to your life. Most individuals are gifted with sighting the ghost from afar before they get close, but it's not a good omen. You might get deceived by humans who are close to your heart, and you'll experience some strange things happening to you in the future.

Another dream about a ghost is when you're being chased or running away from a ghost. If anyone sees this dream, they might have lost someone special, and they're trying to overcome the sadness in their heart. People often remember things from the past and begin to feel sad about events that cannot be changed. It's also common in dreams, and if a ghost should chase them, they'll definitely remember past events, which will get them sad. It doesn't seem good, as their sadness can't improve the situation.

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