Dream about a passport
Dreaming is a clear and elaborate indication of how life generally is, they come to reveal unfolded events and circumstances that may happen. Most people can't understand and learn about how their dreams are. They challenge us on our ability and potential that is not fully utilized. Indicating what tomorrow may hold depend much on what we dream about and how well we interpret them. In the article, we shall discuss dreams about a passport and what it means in the real life. A passport is a document possessed by people who have vision of travelling from one place to another. Those people are highly regarded and respected in the society due to passport.

To dream holding or seeing a

To dream holding or seeing a passport in your dream might reveals that you will be successful in your life. Since a passport is a travel item, dreaming with it might bring good fortune to you. Consider this, a young man pursuing his education in a college or other institution. He comes from a poor background where his parents have struggled to take him to school. Through the grace of God they have managed to pay little by little but the school fee have not been enough. All their means are exhausted and the only way left is to sell the only piece of land they have. The gesture is to tell the parent to continue with this idea as it will finally yield fruits.

When a parent dream with a

When a parent dream with a passport in a time like this, it indicates that their sons life will be very successful. He will secure a good job, build a big house and buy them a home. Can be source of hope to many including his own parents and other members of his society. Parent should advise the boy to work hard and not to lose his vision. The dream also is a gesture that their poor situation will not last for long as it is coming to an end soon. Joy and celebrations are awaiting such a family. It is also a sign of hope that all will not be lost but nice thing will appear.

Dream about a passport.

Another dream you might get is when you lose your passport in a dream. This dream means that you will lose identity or any other item of value to you. Passport being a document that identifies people in a foreign land, its loss might as well signify loss of a tangible item. An illustration is of a man who is a doctor of a good reputation. He has a nice family who live a flamboyant life due to the nature of his work. The society respect such a man as he is of great value to them. Doctor is caught up in a situation where his friend's wife develop complication while giving birth.

His friends call him to come and help, he quickly goes to rescues his friend. Fortunately, the mother life is saved but the child life is lost in that process. The doctor is accused by the society of his inability to protect the life of the child. He dreams losing the passport days later but does not know the meaning of this. It can indicate that his reputation will be lost as well as his job. The government might also revoke his licence due to this.

If you dream changing your passport, it means that a new opportunity is waiting for you. This might be change of career, roles, responsibility or any other positive change. The best thing you should do about this dream is to keep hope for better and prepare for it. Another interpretation for this is that you might get a new partner for life. This indicates transition from one level to another just like you will move from single to bring married.

A dream about an expired passport may mean that a situation you have been struggling with is about to come to an end. When you have been anxious about something and you don't know how it will come to you. Then you get this dream, you should be prepared to get it for your prayers will have been answered. Dreams always have a special message to convey and dreaming with passport is one of them.

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