Dream about a paparazzi
A dream is to have virtual images of people, objects and places in our minds involuntarily during sleep . To have a paparazzo in our dreams indicates confusion, scrutiny and judgment in normal life. It means that we are driven by peoples opinions yet it reduces our concentration. We are unable to capture important concepts or ideas about what we are doing. To dream as a paparazzo depicts the effort with put to achieve the important goals in life .Pressure to produce results from those who depend on us may cause the dreams and below are some scenarios we feel our identity is lost or issues that requires us to focus.

Dreaming as a victim of a paparazzo is a sign of lack of insecurity fearing that someone is getting in to our personal space. We dream mostly of the things and people we interact with hence if a paparazzo appears in our dreams it means somehow in life someone is invading our personal space. It is important to be careful because not all personal invaders have good intention. They can be taken care off by either blocking them or approaching them and telling them to stop.

Having a crush on or great

Social media post is basically meant for public consumption and not for personal interest. Celebrities are the major topic as they entertain, educate and many other activities. The paparazzi stock the celebrities by taking them photos and following their social media accounts and posting to the public. Fame comes with a price so it is all upon the celebrities to learn how to cope up with the publicity. Most paparazzi have made it a profession as they earn through it and spend most of their time doing it.

Having a crush on or great obsession may make you become a paparazzo in someone's dream. This includes checking on their Facebook post and comments, following their Instagram accounts and subscribing to their YouTube channels. Lack of protection and envy makes us want to know who they are associated with and those very close to them. It is wrong since most people find it uncomfortable and, they cut off the relation. Solution is to always have courage to approach people and express our mind and feelings.

We all have loved ones who

Everyone wants to be an academic giant or to associate with the intelligent. In learning institutions the paparazzi are low performers who stock and copy high performers to get the technique they used to pass. This includes following them to their study rooms and stealing their learning materials. It is not a good idea because they end up not getting what they are looking for. The best way is by approaching them, asking them advise and studying with them.

We all have loved ones who are looking upon us to make them proud. Our parents, siblings, partners and children are among the people who expect the best out of us. Pressure arises due to the high expectations since we don’t want to fail our loved ones. One is always afraid of the perceptions from all the people who depend on them due to failure. People can overcome this by leaving according to their standards to minimize the high expectations placed on them.

Dream about a paparazzi

What God put together let no man put an asunder, yet many people go against this. Many people try to break relationships or marriages by stocking the couples and trying to know what keeps them together. Marrying and having a happy family is counted as a success in life and it defines a man and most people who fail in marriages always try to learn from the stable families. Some learn by going through their backs while others learn by seeking advice directly from the couples. Others due to their envy try to break the stable families as they feel ashamed of their family. Seeking marital guidance and counselling is good solution to building a stable family.

Dreams are not far from reality since we dream things we relate with or interact with. Having the

paparazzi in our dreams needs attention since it depicts the insecurity inside us. Lack of security lowers individual’s confidence lowers his performance leading to failure. In the traditional African society, a ritual was conducted in to chase away the paparazzi spirits. Rituals involved slaughtering a lamb and washing the face with its blood as a sign of purification. Guiding and counselling was the most way used in the modern society to prevent the paparazzi mind set

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