Do You Wanna See Santa?
The meaning of the dream about Santa Claus is vaguely interpreted depending on which narrative we believe from authors who wrote about him. Since each generation keeps on upgrading its image like a trending fashion show, Santa Claus has a new look or a new dress every year, but the same color. We cannot interpret our meaning of dream when this legendary man has existed since the 3rd century. The dream you have depends on the current version of Santa, whether he has become a superhero now or a philanthropist giving gifts to orphans on the street; who knows and who can tell how he is in your dream. The truth is, Santa is just an ordinary man who was being generous and selfless by selling fortune to give something to the needy. If you dream about this original Santa, getting woke in reality is a sign of figuring what matters more in life. Perhaps it reminds you not to be greedy because money is just a piece of paper with no sentimental value, and it is better to share your blessings than hoarding them.

Santa is represented as a man

Santa is represented as a man with a good heart, a beautiful reminder that people should reach out to help those who are being oppressed and suffering from hunger. Kindness is unrestrained, and it can be given through simple efforts that make people better in their times of trouble. The unforgettable deeds that Santa did have trickled down through generations make people hope for a better reality, promote compassion, and share blessings with a merry heart. When someone dreams about Santa during Christmas Eve, that person expects too much about gifts that he will receive the next day. It is unconsciously instilled in the mind because of the tradition passed by grandparents, and we cannot deny the excitement we feel every evening of Christmas. The joyful music, fruit moments with loved ones, and foods on the table make the occasion perfect.

Do You Wanna See Santa?

The rare instances of dreaming Santa Claus in the middle of the year or any month far from December are somewhat intriguing. Why would you dream of such an untimely character out of nowhere? Perhaps you saw someone who looks like Santa, and there was something remarkable at that moment of encounter. There could be many reasons why, but those reasons are positive since Santa is not Satan. Good things are reserved for anyone who dreams about Santa, it may be just an assumption, but it gives us the confidence of assurance that we are not doomed. Since the modern Santa is portrayed as an older man with magical deer that could fly high altitude, just not to be detected while sneaking candies to children's room, there's no reason to fret unless it was a nightmare. A nightmare that turns Santa into a bad guy is a scary thing. Who would have imagined that a white-haired fat older man will run after you and do something cruel? Unbelievable.

If Santa is smiling back at you, that would be much creepier than just being chased by him. Perhaps a memory of some person old enough to look like Santa is duplicated in the dream. The chance of mixing images from one person to another character is a possibility, and it could be a loved one who died and want to reconnect with you through sleeping. If it's a one-time dream, there is nothing to worry about, and however, when it has become frequently projected in your dream, it might be the right time to call an expert, for that matter. Being paranoid over a dream would cause hallucinations that are totally unhealthy and laughable if Santa is causing all of that.

As an adult, we know for sure that Santa no longer exists. He died already centuries ago. If he is still alive then, Santa is an immortal person, regardless of his current status of where he lives, how old he is now, or how Santa looks like. The thing is, Santa is harmless; just the morbid imagination of what he can do base on the horror movies we watched could feed the fear of him. Santa Claus is not coming to your home.

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