Can Laughter Mean Good News
Laughter usually means someone is excited about a particular event. It could be good news about a job offer, business opportunity, a new house, or a marriage proposal. Dreaming about laughter can mean different things; it could be related to marriage. For others, this could mean a change of job while for others, laughter could imply a pleasant surprise. Usually, dreams have different interpretations, that's why it is difficult to ascertain what a dream can mean until you have an understanding of the person’s state of mind regarding a situation.

In most cases, a person’s thoughts

In most cases, a person’s thoughts can determine the types of dream he may have. For instance, if a lady is expecting a marriage proposal, she can dream about the young man almost daily. Affection for a person you love and admire most can make you dream occasional. This type of dream may involve seeing yourself getting married, receiving a marriage engagement ring, or traveling with your partner on a love date. Such dreams can make you laugh unconsciously, especially when your dream paints the exact picture of what you have in mind.

Can Laughter Mean Good News

Relationships are a common area that usually attracts most ladies and young men. They anticipate a lot when finding the right partner, this is the dream of most young ladies. As they approach their 18th birthday, the dream of getting married start preoccupying their minds. Another possible interpretation that could be associated with a laughing dream is that, if a person is anticipating a change of job, he may likely start dreaming about it. Working without getting a salary that is worth the time you are putting into the job can be frustrating.

Most often, traveling a long distance through stressful traffic can be disturbing. Dreaming about a new job with fantastic pay can make you laugh even while asleep. For some, this will relieve them of the pains and trauma their job must have caused them. A dream about laughing with friends may reveal that you're about celebrating an event with your friends. It can be that you are going to receive a job promotion, an expensive give from a friend or a relative. Laughter usually implies a situation that has caused you many pains winding up. That means, there is going to be a green light in that situation which means that you’ll make it through.

To be sad can attract lots of unpleasant stuff in your life aside from heart-related diseases, it can make those around you to be uncomfortable. Being happy no matter how you feel can prolong your life, some have lost their lives because they couldn’t cope with a situation that made them feel terrible. That’s why happiness is a treasure that some can give away anything for them to be happy. An expectant mother who dreams and sees herself excited can be an indication that she is going to have a safe delivery. For those programmed to attend a job interview, it means the outcome will be successful no matter how difficult it may seem.

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